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Bienvenidos todos a las noches de #NBAxESPN
Chicago Bulls ???? Cleveland Cavaliers
ESPN ⌚6:30 p.m.
WHEN WILL GIRAFFE MOM APRIL HAVE HER BABY? Catch the latest from Animal Adventure Park. To watch the latest live stream of expecting giraffe mom April CLICK HERE --> [ Link ]

Live Stream Of Giraffe In Labor At NY Zoo Proves Extremely Popular
POTUS SKIPPING CORRESPONDENT'S DINNER: President Trump says on Twitter he won't be attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner in April. He will be the first president in over 30 years not to attend.

Trump Says He Won't Attend Correspondents Dinner This Spring
TERRIFYING CRASH AT MARDI GRAS PARADE: New Orleans Police say 28 people were hurt when a car plowed into a crowd watching a Mardi Gras parade Saturday night. Of those, 21 were hospitalized.

Police: Car Plows Into Parade Crowd In New Orleans; 28 Hurt
DRAG RACING ON I-70 PARK & RIDE: One man was arrested after Md. State Police break up drag racers -- twice in one night.

Md. State Police Shut Down Illegal Street Race in Baltimore Co.
GIRAFFE CALF WATCH: Live from Animal Adventure Park -- when will mama April delivery her baby?!? We hope it's soon!! Read more about her (and get the direct YouTube live stream link) here: [ Link ]
MUHAMMAD ALI'S SON DETAINED BY OFFICIALS AT FL AIRPORT: Muhammad Ali's son, Muhammad Jr. was detained for 2 hrs coming back to the US from Jamaica, despite being a native-born U.S. citizen, and asked if he was Muslim.

Border Agents Ask Muhammad Ali's Son: 'Are you Muslim?'
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There can be little doubt that this year’s elections in Germany and France may determine the future of the European Union.
Read more: [ Link ]

2017 could be a turning point for European integration
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America is a divided nation, we are told. But what divides us?
Read more: [ Link ]

Up from the GRAVE
Chef Grace Ramirez estuvo con el chef colombiano Harry Sasson en el restaurante Quinto La Huella. Vive el #SOBEWFF solo por #FoodNetworkLatam
Toma en cuenta esta advertencia antes de ver Camp Cutthroat - Sabotaje en el Campamento los lunes por #FoodNetworkLatam 21:00 MEX / 22:00 COL / 00:00 ARG y en
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Lawmakers are inching toward imposing a nationwide ban on face veils. Do you support this? Yes or no?

Lawmakers Are Pushing To Place Ban On Wearing Head Coverings In Public. Do You Support This?
Savvy: Parents
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The hit show is helping to lessen the stigma around panic attacks and other anxiety disorders.

How 'This Is Us' Is Normalizing Anxiety Disorders
Savvy: Parents
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She dunks a drop cloth in an aqua mixture. But when we see the reason...SO doing this! [ Link ]
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How much water do you drink each day? This is interesting.

How Much Water You Should Drink for Your Weight?
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FOX News Radio
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Would you want him as your dentist?

Singing Dentist Goes Viral
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Want to know what your birthday horoscope says about you? Check it out!
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