Deep red and bright blue stars are scattered across the frame, set against a background of thousands of more distant stars and galaxies in this stunning Hubble Space Telescope image. This region of the sky shows a portion of the constellation Sagittarius. Find out more: [ Link ]
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"Messy circumstances shouldn't determine whether a baby lives or dies." Watch Kelly Rosati speak live at Evangelicals for Life next week in D.C. Gather a group of pro-life friends and get equipped on how to stand up for the unborn in your community. Register for FREE to watch the #EFL2017 simulcast. #WhyAreYOUprolife
Martin O'Malley
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My family and I were proud to join in solidarity with our neighbors in the #womensmarch today. Our fight starts now
“I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else's whim or to someone else's ignorance.” ― bell hooks [ Link ] #kripalulove
Hey Trivia & Harry Potter lovers! The Fantastic Beasts Trivia Night, benefiting Stray Rescue is coming up! Ticket sales will begin on Friday January 27th at Noon.
Just saved! Meet bighearted big headed dexter! Love him
It’s flu season…know the signs and symptoms!
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President Barack Obama never shied away from talking about the power of collective bargaining. Besides being in the history books for being the first African-American president, he also was critical in helping guide the U.S. auto industry back to life. #PROUAW #POTUSVALUES
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Simplemente confía en Dios
UPDATE: Well, once again, we were stymied by the limits of a live radio clock and had to nix the song request this week so we could squeeze in a few more selections from our guests. Save up your suggestions and join us again on February 4 for another opportunity!


Instant song requests, brought to you by Powdermilk Biscuits — add yours in the comments below and Chris Thile and the band...
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You tell 'em kiddo.
We love farmers. Share if you agree!. Learn more about farmer Wendell Berry: [ Link ] #food #farmers #truth #gratitude #wendellberry
Social Workers United! We will continue to lead the fight for social justice, human rights, and equality.
#USF is on Snapchat! Follow @usouthflorida to join the fun!
U.S. Embassy Quito
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El Embajador y la Sra. Chapman admiraron la radiante vista de #Guayaquil desde #LaPerla. ¿Ya la has visitado? ¡Compártenos tus fotos desde lo alto!
Hoover Institution
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"You cannot live a long life without having been forced to change your mind many times about people and things — including, in some cases, your whole view of the world." -Dr. Thomas Sowell
Turning Point USA
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TRUTH! #BigGovSucks