During his final press conference, President Obama explains his decision to commute the sentence of Chelsea Manning. [ Freep.com Link ]
The Michigan Humane Society has taken in an abused dog that was found with most of its nose and ears chopped off. The group is asking for anyone with information to come forward. Warning: Some may find the photos in this video disturbing. [ Freep.com Link ]
See every president swearing in as far back as Eisenhower.
These 80-year-old twin sisters hiked the Appalachian Trail. Their tips for success? The key is a glass of wine every night.
Detroit Free Press
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These sisters were born conjoined at the hip and spine. Doctors separated them in 2015 with the ambitious goal that the twins would be able to walk independently.
Detroit Free Press
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Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush have been hospitalized due to separate health issues. [ Freep.com Link ]
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LIVE: KCTV5 News with Breaking News. Tune in at 10:00 for live coverage.
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Only on KCTV5 News! At 10, a Kansas City native and star on the ice must make a life changing decision. He shares his journey from heartbreak to national champion. Also, a tour bus burns in Kansas. The loss for an award-winning country band. See you then!
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Police are searching for a 20-year-old missing woman. Investigators have been told Toni Anderson got off work and had been heading to get gas when she sent friends a text that she was getting pulled over. Since then, there has been silence.

MORE >>> [ Kctv5.com Link ]
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We have a Pokemon master living among us, and he's making a name for himself around the world. Meet 10-year-old Phillip Barragan. He just returned from the U.S. Regional Pokemon Video Game Championship in Georgia. MORE >>> [ Kctv5.com Link ]
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A Kansas City council committee passed a marijuana measure for the April ballot. Now, it's heading to the full council for approval. It would place a maximum fine of $25 for someone possessing 35 grams or less of marijuana. More from Emily Sinovic >>> [ Kctv5.com Link ]
KCTV5 News
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Alex Smith is judged as the starting quarterback for The Kansas City Chiefs nearly every Sunday of the season as millions tune in, but there are things he does in his free time fans can’t see and Smith doesn’t talk about. Andrew Carter reports. >> [ Kctv5.com Link ]
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The motorcycle of the future will also power your home [ Bloom.bg Link ]
Have you ever seen a bacon seed before? - Taryn Daly

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Make a grand of Mortimer's Money yours! $1,000 could buy a LOT of beer.
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Bourbon & Bacon Fest will be upon our taste buds before you know it! Get your tickets before they sell out and we'll see you there!
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James Blackmon Jr. is a bad, bad man.

Penn State flirted with a comeback victory, but Blackmon refused to let this one get to overtime.

More Hoosiers highlights » btn.com/hoosiers
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