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PBS Idea Channel investigates the Bee Movie remix phenomenon and why these videos have flourished online.

PBS Idea Channel On Bee Movie Remixes
Imagine how hard just one bee works in a single day. Bees tend to at least 2,000 flowers daily, with tiny wings beating 10,000 times per minute, carrying pollen, and dramatically assisting our food supply.

Sound exhausting? Bees get thirsty, and they need safe water sources.

The problem is...

Make A Bee Waterer And Help Hydrate Our Pollinators...
How to Align with the Natural Flow of Life.

Wu Wei: The Ancient Art of Non-Doing
"It wasn’t until my late thirties that I began recognizing that I had needs that deserved to be honored. I began to see how I had given other people power over me all along by performing and suppressing my truth for validation."

Perfectionism And Shyness Are Survival Tools
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MTO BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Rapper MC LYTE Just Got Married . . . To A MAN . . . Holy CRAP!!!! (Pics Of Her HUSBAND)

Rapper MC LYTE Just Got Married . . . To A MAN (WTF??)
This GOP congressman (left) who's also a US Marine wasn't going to sit back and let a painting put up by a Democrat (right) that shows a COP depicted as a PIG hang in the Capitol so he took matters into his own hands!

GOP Congressman Duncan D. Hunter TOTALLY ROCKS!
'LIKE' if you agree that this artwork is DISGUSTING and has no place in our nations Capitol!!!

WATCH: Republican Congressman STEPS UP And Removes "Artwork" From Capital That Depicts Police As Pigs ⋆ US Herald
A passive-aggressive liberal thought he could file a complaint on Sheriff Clarke and get away with it. He couldn't have been more wrong...

“Next time he or anyone else pulls this stunt on a plane they may get..."

BOOM! Sheriff Clarke DESTROYS Liberal "Snowflake" Who Made Complaint With THIS SERIOUS "THREAT"
This Texas lawmaker just made a HUGE move to stop Sharia Law & the Muslim Brotherhood COLD and it has CAIR furious!!!

Let's get 5,000 SHARES & LIKES for Texas bada** Rep. Kyle Biedermann!!!

Texas Lawmaker Is DEMANDING Muslims DENOUNCE Sharia Law & Label Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Group With THIS BRILLIANT Move
Secretary of Defense James Mattis wasted no time upon getting sworn in. ISIS is in a world of crap!

Maddog Wastes No Time After Being Sworn In, Takes Immediate Action
Donald J. Trump and his wife Melania Trump attended the National Prayer Service on Saturday morning, and the First Lady captured the attention of everyone.

The Trump’s Arrive At National Prayer Service, Everyone Notices Instantly What Melania Does
Amazing Things
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Even hardcore fans didn't spot some of these connections.

Disney Confirms Fan Theory That Every Pixar Movie Is Connected
Amazing Things
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Gina Davis had been bullied her entire life for being deaf and she was never able to find confidence in herself. But now her life is changed forever. When she sees herself, she freaks out!
“My husband’s going to flip!”

Wife Has No Confidence, Then Makeover Crew Drops Curtain After Transformation
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He was fired from his job for attending his son's birth, but the community made sure to come to his rescue

Father is fired for attending son's birth. Then community starts sending him job offers