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As soon as this writer went after Barron Trump, she immediately regretted it. The backlash was swift...

Do you agree that children should be off-limits?

Writer Publicly Attacks Young Barron Trump... It Instantly Backfires BIG Time
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THIS... this is one of the many reasons it's impossible to take these women seriously.

OOPS: Feminist Protester Wants "Same Rights As Guns" ... Then Gets Utterly Humiliated
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When Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox promised to form a “wall of meat” to protect citizens attending Donald Trump’s inauguration from dangerous anarchists, he meant what he said...
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Knuckle Face Massages: Biker for Trump describes what happened when Confronted by Anti-Trump Protesters [VIDEO]
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Ouch. Judge Jeanine only needed 3 words to drop the hammer. Trump supporters are going to love this...

The 3 Words Judge Jeanine Called Trump Just Demolished The Last Remnants Of Obama's Legacy
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Chelsea Clinton just came out defending Barron Trump. But it's what immediately happened next that's raising a lot of eyebrows...

Chelsea Clinton Just Came Forward To 'Defend' Barron Trump, Then Things Take Stunning Turn
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Melania Trump would likely not take the interview but that didn’t stop Chelsea Handler from refusing to interview her on the grounds that “can barely speak…
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Chelsea Handler Rips Melania Trump: ‘She Can Barely Speak English [VIDEO]
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You’ll remember that a limousine was set on fire during the anti-Trump protests in downtown Washington on Inauguration Day. Well. that car is owned by a Muslim…
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The Limo torched in DC protests belongs to Muslim immigrant and may cost $70,000 in damages
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Former presidential candidate Marco Rubio just shook things up with a game-changing announcement about President Trump's secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson.

BREAKING: Marco Rubio Reveals Massive Thing He's Doing To Trump Nominee Rex Tillerson
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The Gloves Came Off Today Against ISIS. Donald Trump made good on his promise to immediately crack down hard on ISIS which he says will lead to its complete…
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Trump And Mattis Take The Fight To ISIS, Bomb ISIS 31 Times On Day 1 [VIDEO]
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Gen. James 'Mad Dog' Mattis just showed everyone why Donald Trump chose him to be secretary of defense. ISIS is in for a rude awakening...

BOOM: It Only Took General Mattis 1 Day... Now ISIS Knows Why They Call Him 'Mad Dog'
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And Donald J. Trump just owned the nutty feminists who stormed Washington over the weekend.

It's incredible to have a president who actually fights back...

Trump Breaks Silence on Women's March With BRUTALLY Honest Tweet... Libs Furious
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Donald Trump just faced his first lawsuit as president. But 1 major detail is turning a lot of heads...

Just In: Trump Faces First Lawsuit As President, But 1 Major Detail Completely Changes The Story