Look at the notes below and this task taken from the sample paper:

"Write an essay discussing two of the facilities in your notes. You should explain which facility is more important for local authorities to give money to, giving reasons in support of your answer. You may, if you wish, make use of the opinions expressed in the discussion, but you should use your own words as far as...
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Visit --> all-about-psychology.com/transpersonal-psychology.html to learn all about the branch of psychology that explores mind and behavior in relation to the spiritual nature of humankind.
Happy birthday Francis Bacon. Born on this day in 1561. Here he is nailing Confirmation Bias!

Visit --> all-about-psychology.com for free psychology information and resources.
Mission Dawah
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Amazing community work in #Manchester
#HelpTheHomeless #SoupNSmiles
Mission Dawah
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Street Dawah in Bengaluru
#cambridge 22 January 2017. Photo by @camdiary. #cambridgeuniversity #universityofcambridge #university #college #archidaily #study #reflections
No-prep speaking activities that give students the opportunity to practise useful vocabulary and grammar as well as good reasons to speak.
Ann :-)
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Bounty Club
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#FanQuestion ~ My Mother in law is insisting we buy everything second hand for our first baby. While of course my partner and I want to save as much money as possible, we don't want to scrimp on certain things like a car seat, mattress etc. (it's causing a few arguments between us and her!) What would you buy second hand? And what would you definitely not buy second hand?
New #blog from Muddy Puddles: Big Garden Birdwatch with the RSPB - [ Natu.re Link ]
Joining in with #BigGardenBirdwatch is simple and enjoyable - and a great excuse to watch your garden birds
Sign up now at: [ Natu.re Link ]
Oh if only my shed was this neat and tidy! To be honest, some of my 'useful stuff' is a bit out of date and really needs disposing of or storing correctly. Here's our helpful advice on how to store products and safely dispose of them:
- Becky, RHS Gardening Advice Team
‘Every sunset brings a promise of a new dawn’. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Isn't our world amazing?
نواز شریف میں کوئی ایسی خوبی نہیں کہ اسے لیڈر کہا جائے
اور عمران میں ایسی کوئی خامی نہیں کہ اسے لیڈر نہ مانا جائے
نواز شریف پیسوں کا بھوکا اور پھر تیسری بار وزیر اعظم بن کر آج بھی بنا پرچی کے کچھ بول نہیں سکتا
لیکن عمران کو دنیا جانتی ہے کہ وہ نا پیسوں کا لالچی ہے اور نہ ہی کرپٹ ہے
For PC Dean Pinnell and his colleague, PC Willcox-Jones, Wednesday 9 March was like any other shift.

They booked on for their evening shift and started their patrol at London Waterloo railway station, one of the busiest railway stations in the country.

Little did they know, they were about to save a woman's life.

PC Pinnell said: “We had been patrolling on the upper level of the station...
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"I owe what I am today to my sponsor and I am so grateful" Pauline, Haiti.

It's easy to say you can make a real difference through sponsoring a child with us. So we won't say it, we'll let the children tell you all about how it's transformed their lives!

Meet some of our sponsored children as they tell us how their lives have been changed for the better. You may be surprised by all the ways...
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Check out these amazing photos that were taken on Riverside Drive near Garthdee campus and Duthie Park after the snow last week!
"At this time of year people start thinking about booking their canal boating holidays, so it's my busiest time!" #HumansoftheWaterways

Meet Edward, Managing Director of ABC Leisure Group, and find out more about his business [ Bit.ly Link ]
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It may be a bit too cold for gardening but it's never too cold for gardens in art: [ Bit.ly Link ]
On 12th January a number of items were stolen from the Co-op in Tow Law.

We would like to trace this man in connection with our enquiries, he was wearing a black baseball cap and a dark blue Brook Haven hooded top.

Please do not comment here, ring 101, or email CaughtOn.Camera@durham.pnn.police.uk, quoting reference ref CRI 000 31209