The Open University
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The microscopic image we posted earlier was a tiny Rice Weevil! Dr Mark Hirst, who helped us get the images, is a senior lecturer in human genetics and can often be found working in our cutting edge online OpenScience lab. Check it out: [ Link ]
Final year undergraduates, it’s time to make your voice heard. Give your views on your experience at Nottingham Trent University in the NSS:
CARE International UK
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Help improve women's rights - join us to #March4Women and help make a more equal world >> [ Link ]
Independent employment stats released yesterday show that the number of people in work has risen in every region and nation of the UK since 2010
Take a breather from exams and revision with our little exercise.

Inhale and hold as the circle expands, exhale as it contracts.
Me - "Tonight I'll go to bed on time!"
Me at 3:00am -....
The Scout Association
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Whatever the weather, climbing is a fun and challenging activity to try with your section. Read this badge support blog: [ Link ] for tips on helping your section climb to the top of their game.
The Labour Party
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The NHS is in crisis, but Theresa May is in denial. Share the facts now:
✘ The British Red Cross said there’s a “humanitarian crisis” in our NHS
✘ In 2016 over 1.8 million people had to wait longer than four hours in A&E
✘ The Tories have cut £4.6 billion from social care
✘ There are 6,600 fewer mental health nurses since 2010
Have you got your feet up this Sunday?
Are you enjoying the snow?
Ricky Road goes down, Ricky Road goes up To keep up to date with the new Park View Student Accommodation that's being built on the old Richardson Road site visit [ Link ]
Make a transformation – study Maverick Thinking at LSBU and learn lateral thinking for literal doing: [ Link ].
Our image earlier is a tiny but terrifying fruit fly! Well done to those who got it and deduced that it was a compound eye. We thought it was loads of tiny cutlasses fighting their way out of a strawberry! Dr Mark Hirst, who grabbed the image, is a senior lecturer in human genetics but also has a lot to say about the DNA of man's best friend. Here he puts dogs under the microscope: [
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Want to make a difference? Volunteer at your local Barnardo’s store: [ Link ]
Jobcentre Plus offices will be open on the following days over the New Year
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Happy new year!
Happy New Year from everyone at The Scout Association.
✨ Pinch, punch first day of the month and year! ✨
Wise words #NYE #fatalfour
How to enter 2017 like a #bawse!