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“My most important title is still “mom-in-chief.” My daughters are still the heart of my heart and the centre of my world.”

Michelle Obama's best quotes
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'It is time for an all hands on deck attitude' says Sarah Solemani

Why you should join the women's march this weekend
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"As a guy you put all your essentials in a little bag and you tie it up like a little bag of grapes and it's tucked away. Its quite a peculiar thing to do every day."

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan open up about filming Fifty Shades Darker
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She shared a candid snap on Instagram

Blake Lively keeps it real about breastfeeding
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A three year long study has identified the weather patterns that trigger the virus

Cold weather could trigger flu, reveals study
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It’s meant as no reflection on his abilities to say that, a decade ago, the absolute best Loyle Carner could have hoped for was critical acclaim and a degree of cult success: a deal with an indie label, gigs at the Jazz Café in London. But in the current climate, where a performance poet such as Kate Tempest can break out of local arts centres and into the Top 30, bigger things are clearly...
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Loyle Carner: Yesterday's Gone review – melancholy vignettes for rainy afternoons
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We want your Eavis questions! Post beneath the article, not here!

Post your Glastonbury questions for Michael and Emily Eavis
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Jack Your Body’s story begins in Chicago in 1983, where an 21-year-old DJ from a middle-class family is moving away from home because his father won’t let him play clubs. “I’d spent my teens making pause-button tape edits of songs in my bedroom, working in a grocery store to buy turntables. My dad couldn’t understand it. He wanted me home by 12 every night, so I was like: ‘See you, Dad!’”

How Jack Your Body began house music's squelching electronic revolution
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“Look at the Stones or the Beatles back in the day – they put out two albums a year,” he says. “Neil Young has, like, 35 studio LPs or something. I just don’t feel like making 10 songs a year is that crazy or fast, you know what I mean? I’m not making insane prog or orchestral music, or even crazy Aphex Twin-type stuff – I could understand that takes a long time. But rock’n’roll? It’s not that...
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Ty Segall on Black Flag, T Rex and why the Kinks made so much sense in 90s California
Po 14.00 w Hyde Parku gościem będzie Aleksandra Kaźmierczak (na zdjęciu), która zakwalifikowała się do Finału Top Model UK 2017. Ale to nie wszystko!

Ola swoim udziałem wspiera organizację charytatywną Children with Cancer UK. "Mam nadzieję, że biorąc udział w Top Model będę mogła zgromadzić solidny fundusz dla tej organizacji".

W takim razie nie szczędźmy pieniędzy! I głosów na Olę!
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Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Aleksandra Kazmierczak's fundraising page
za chwile Moje MiAstO w radiu PRL. Jest szansa na wygranie zaproszeń na Morliny Cooltura Festival. Sponsorem zabawy jest

Mleczko Delikatesy
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Our thoughts are with Louis at this difficult personal time.

Louis Tomlinson Splits From Girlfriend After His Mother's Death