It's landed! Shy Luv - 'Shock Horror' ft Jones.

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From teaching Neymar Jr. freestyle to making his Newcastle United debut, Yasin Ben El-Mhanni has a BIG future!

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"What you seek is far greater than you ever imagined." Based on an incredible true story, The Lost City of Z is in cinemas March 24th.
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Protesters against President Trump have started unfurling banners on bridges around the world (starting with this one on Tower Bridge in London) ahead of his inauguration.

Dozens of protest marches are also planned to take place today and tomorrow.
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Congratulations to British sailor Alex Thomson who has claimed second place in the solo round-the-world Vendée Globe race!

Minutes after completing his 30 thousand nautical mile journey he spoke to Charlie & Steph...
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On a very serious day for the world and politics you may need some light relief...

So, here is a 34 second clip of a man in fancy dress being battered with turnips as part of an annual festival in the Spanish town of Piornal.
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Friday starts with big weather contrasts from north to south across the UK, here's Nick with the full forecast:

Shetland is mild again at 9C whereas much of England, parts of Wales and eastern Scotland are cold and frosty with temperatures having fallen as low as -6C in the coldest rural spots. There’s some patchy fog around too.

At least those areas having the coldest start will get to see...
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It's 30 years since the UK police crackdown on football hooliganism. Unfortunately its still rife in the MLS. Wouldn't want to cross these maniacs! #FightandWin #BadBoys
We have a winner! Shakespeare Film Competition 2016-17

We’re delighted to announce that the students of Droylsden Academy in Manchester, UK are the winners of our Shakespeare Film Competition! The students performed Macbeth Act 2 Scene 4 and you can view their entry here [ Link ] The judges had the following to say in their notes:
We thought this was good: the acting, of both...
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Filming Shakespeare Act V scene iv

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Powers just keep getting better!
Channel 5 News
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Six people have been found alive under an avalanche that hit an Italian mountain hotel two days ago.

Rescuers are still working hard to free them from under the snow within the hotel.
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Meet the woman with a front row ticket to Donald J. Trump's inauguration - she tells us that she's "dressed to kill".
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A series of children's homes run by church and charity in Northern Ireland were the scene of widespread abuse and mistreatment of young residents.

The chair of the region's historic abuse inquiry, Sir Anthony Hart has thanked victims for their "courage and determination" in giving evidence.
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It's Inauguration Day in the US meaning tonight a new president will call The White House home.

The Texas State Strutters will be performing at Donald J. Trump's Inaugural Parade.
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Celebrities mocked Donald J. Trump at a protest attended by hundreds outside Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.

Actors including Mark Ruffalo, Robert De Niro and Alec Baldwin took the stage alongside Cher and others.
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Has anyone started watching our new series yet?
#TheWhispers is available on demand on Sky Box Sets, NOW TV and Virgin Media TV now!
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Xanthe vs Ben. Who thought it would be a good idea to give them projectile weapons?!?
Neighbours UK
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We can't get enough of Neighbours, but we love warming up with an extra dose of Aussie sunshine!

That's why we're hooked on Wonderland, our latest My5 Exclusive. If you are too, watch this space: Season 2 is coming very soon.
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This cat deserves a loyalty card.
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Looking ahead to more dry weather hooray! Here's Bee..