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Yesterday's afternoon tea with @sophiekinsellawriter. Tell me, in your esteemed opinion, which is the better part of it- sandwiches, cakes or scones?
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It's #FriYAY! This week we have a special interview with our National Television Awards nominee Duncan James!

(Juicy goss this way >>>)
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TONIGHT: Series producer Iain Macleod takes over our Instagram! #AskIain

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This Morning
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At 5pm today, history will take place in Washington DC, as Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Well ahead of today’s inauguration we’re playing Top Trumps in the studio as we’re joined by not just one Donald Trump - but two!
This Morning
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This Morning
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He's swapped the sunshine of Hollywood for sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic - Dennis Quaid jumped at the opportunity to join the cast of the psychological thriller, Fortitude. In a UK television exclusive, we’re joined by Dennis as he discusses filming in extreme weather, having his son follow him into the industry and his life as a door-to-door salesman!
This Morning
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In 1974 - in what became one of the most shocking televised events ever - American reporter Christine Chubbuck took her life during one of her live broadcasts. Now, the events leading up to Christine's tragic suicide have now been turned into a film, and in a career defining performance, Rebecca Hall takes on the role of the troubled reporter. She'll be here to talk about why she took on the...
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This Morning
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Five years ago, Liz thought she'd met the man of her dreams. Believing him to be a former SAS soldier and multi-millionaire business owner, David Thomas swept her off her feet and the pair eventually married. But all was not as it seemed - as years later it emerged that David had been spinning a web of lies that involved manipulation, stealing and even an attempt to poison Liz. She'll be...
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Timmy Time
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Timmy's looking forward to tucking into a cheese sandwich this National Cheese Lovers Day! What's your favourite lunchtime treat?
Reuniting with the legend @jefflombardo
BBC EastEnders
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Jack broke our hearts last night.
Watch now on BBC iPlayer: [ Bbc.in Link ] #EastEnders
BBC Breakfast
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What are your hopes and fears, political or personal, for the next four years?

Donald Trump's inauguration later today begins a new era for the USA and the world - are you optimistic or pessimistic about what's to come?
A Path To Wisdom
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Human life is not only meaningful, but infinitely precious. Weeks of TV/Radio/Press interviews, they are are all going frenzy about TJS Evolutionary Method (Trade Marked Globally), my integrated coaching/healing work, and the breakthroughs people who are reading and embody the principles shared in the award-winning books A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness create.
Axtelera Ray is a series of superhero-fantasy novels that fuses global myths with adventure and science fiction. Download the FREE 40-page preview edition of our first book, ‘Axtelera Ray: The Chronicles of Astrone’, today and find out exactly why reviewers are calling it "a unique, exciting story", "a rising star in the fantasy genre" and "potentially one of the next great works in YA...
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Matthew Hussey
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Went to the rain room @lacma in LA today. You walk around an entire room where rain is pouring from the ceiling. As you walk around, it stops raining in any spot you stand in. Awesome.

I'm a big advocate for trying new places and activities. You may or may not like them, but at the very least they give you new stories and more experiences to talk about. Both make us better...
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It's FRIDAY! So for one last time this week, why should YOU be in the Good Morning Chris Club?x
What makes you extreme? Post your reaction. #ReturnOfXanderCage
I'm going to bed a happy lady. Today I had afternoon tea with none other than @sophiekinsellawriter. This is not a joke, it happened. I told her about the time I broke a chair in the same venue many years prior and she told me tales of reading proofs for one of her shopaholic books whilst bouncing her baby to sleep (proving you can have it all Mamas). We talked about character we love, how fun...
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Zula thinks he's my best friend. He drapes himself over me any chance he gets and I love it. Soppy little fur-ball. ❤