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Do not wrong the dark and mystical sheep tribes of Exmoor as they will place a curse on your family for generations to come. [ Link ]

Instagram photo by Tom Cox β€’ Jan 18, 2017 at 5:59pm UTC
Are you more like John Adams or Ben Franklin?

Which Founding Father are you? [quiz]
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NEXT WEEK'S SPOILER PICS are up - check them out now! #Emmerdale

Picture preview: Mon 23 Jan - Fri 27 Jan
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Meet Tiny Taylor, aka seven-year-old Xia Vigor, whose performance as Taylor Swift on a TV talent show in the Phillippeans has gone viral online.

Some thought the performance was harmless fun, while others were simply outraged, but what do you think? Take a peek at the video on our website, and share your comments below!

Meet Tiny Taylor Swift!
This Morning
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It's the one thing that every home owner dreads in the winter months - a broken boiler - and many in the UK fork out monthly payments to insurers, to ensure that that their homes stay warm this winter. But are they just burning a hole in your pocket?

Have you had any bad experiences with your boiler cover? Maybe you've purchased insurance, only to find it worthless when the freeze sets in?...
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The Vinyl Factory
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Mouzon played with Weather Report, Herbie Hancock and countless others.

Listen to a newly unearthed interview with late jazz icon Alphonse Mouzon
Match of the Day
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You'd expect better against a team 66 places below you.

A bad miss or a good save? You decide
Match of the Day
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Saved penalty βœ…
Electric atmosphere βœ…
Wild goal celebrations βœ…

Plymouth came so close. Here are the FA Cup highlights
Match of the Day
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Worth sacrificing for a decent league run?

"Klopp doesn't care about the FA Cup"
Match of the Day
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Match of the Day
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Match of the Day
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Match of the Day
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The 600 mile-round trip was worth it. Even if they did miss a penalty.

Lucas' first goal for Liverpool since 2010 sends them through to the FA Cup fourth round
Match of the Day
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Match of the Day
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Mr Cian Twomey
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So this morning myself and Emily came across a rather creepy video. I really have no idea how to explain it but just watch it, it's really weird. Like, so weird.
Watch it here: [ Link ]
Which Gumball is your #WednesdayMood?
Aunty Acid
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Hey Sister! Please share with your fellow Ladies for awareness
Aunty Acid
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Grab a cup of wine for this because you're going to feel their pain!

24 Merciless Comebacks They Weren't Prepared For
Aunty Acid
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Korey and Sharon decided to keep their baby's gender a secret from everyone. They also left out one other vital piece of information. When Sharon's mom headed to the hospital to meet her new grand-baby, she brought a pink balloon and blue balloon, just to be safe. But watch what happens when she pulls the curtain back and realizes the truth about Sharon's pregnancy...

Grandma Thinks Newborn’s Gender Is The Surprise, Only To Find Daughter Lied During Pregnancy