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what the internet had to say about yesterday's event...

The Best 12 Tweets From The Donald Trump Inauguration
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A section Donald Trump’s inauguration speech appears to have been directly lifted from Bane’s “Gotham is Yours” speech from The Dark Knight Rises.

If you thought bits of Donald Trump's speech sounded familiar - they're from a Batman movie
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Gary Lineker, Rihanna, James Blunt and more give a masterclass in the art of the Twitter slap down...

14 of the funniest Twitter comebacks
"Why should we care so much about how CBD is metabolized? Well, if the cannabinoid is to be taken seriously as a drug for certain pathologies, how it is broken down in the body is almost as important as the drug itself."

How is CBD metabolized?
"Cannabis sales, including the illicit market, in North America amounted to an estimated $56.4 billion in 2016, with 88 per cent of it outside legal channels."

North Americans spent more than $56 billion on cannabis last year
"Public support for cannabis legalisation has grown significantly but the political establishment in Britain refuse to promote such sensible and courageous action."

The rush to sense. UK’s cannabis paranoia exposed.
6 Sacrifices you must Never Make for your Relationship

6 Sacrifices you must Never Make for your Relationship
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Stoked on all the nothings! Kym Grosser does things differently.


THE SET: Kym Grosser 2016-17 - Ride UK BMX
'She shaved her head. The hair grows back again and I think she will learn a lesson.'

Mum Shaves Daughter's Head For Bullying Bald Classmate Who Has Cancer
Social media users believe he got what he deserved. He certainly won't forget it :O

A Paedophile Took The Beating Of His Life After He Was Caught Trying To Rape A 5-Year-Old Girl
Pasta Recipes
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This “Healthy” Drink Destroys Your Thyroid & Is Linked To Breast Cancer!

This “Healthy” Drink Destroys Your Thyroid & Is Linked To Breast Cancer! - Might Be True...
Incredible Stadiums. #OMG these are #MIRACLES :O
Teams that sell more shirts and their respective player
Cami Li
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