Absolute Radio 90s
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On Saturday 28th January, we'll be turning into 'Absolute Radio Frank' for the weekend. Here's why...
Sadiq Khan
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Earlier this evening I gave a keynote speech in Davos as part of the World Economic Forum on the challenges Brexit poses to Britain and Europe – and why we must avoid a ‘hard Brexit’ that would damage both Britain and Europe.

These are the key messages I’m delivering to global business leaders and politicians here in Davos:

Britain must secure privileged access to the single market as a...
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Channel 5 News
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Friday's inauguration of Donald J. Trump will be watched around the world - here's everything you need to know
Channel 5 News
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A German newspaper mocked Theresa May for creating a "Little Britain" after her Brexit speech. Here's how the press is reacting throughout Europe.
We live in challenging times – the events of recent months make this the most unpredictable political climate in a generation or more.

Brexit looms large over everything. Tomorrow, the Prime Minister will give more detail about her ­negotiating stance once Article 50 is ­triggered.

While everyone wants to hear more from Theresa May than the meaningless “Brexit means Brexit” soundbite, the...
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Channel 5 News
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Prime Minister Theresa May wrote to Donald J. Trump at the end of last year in an attempt to rekindle the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the US, it has been reported today. In it, she quoted Winston Churchill's speech to the American people on Christmas Eve 1941 – just weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Here is the speech in full:
I'm so excited to share with you the full Chapter 1 excerpt of MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE! Share the excerpt for a chance to win an advance copy of my new novel.
Tom Daley
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Keep it up Kyle!
When the British people voted in the referendum last June, they did not simply vote to withdraw from the European Union; they voted to change the way our country works – and the people for whom it works – forever. It was a quiet revolution by those who feel the system has been stacked against them for too long – and an instruction to this Government to seize the opportunity of building a...
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Events coming up this January in Greece, France and Italy.
A special appearance in Greece and clinics In Italy & France
Tom Daley
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Good luck to the #TeamTom #TomsDailyPlan trialists as they start their journey… a little NY update here…
Written by Shaykh Mustafa Umar

Religious holidays such as Christmas [meaning ‘Christ’s Mass’] present a challenge for Muslims living in Christian-majority societies. Should they assimilate by ‘celebrating’ these holidays or distance themselves from them? It is not only Muslims who face this question but also Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Agnostics and all other non-Christians. In fact, even some...
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This year, the United Kingdom has had much to celebrate. Her Majesty The Queen celebrated her 90th birthday, surrounded by the Royal Family and well-wishers from across our four nations, the Commonwealth, and the world. Four years after the success of London 2012, our Olympic and Paralympic athletes continued to work and train – and they were rewarded by coming second in the medal table,...
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Scotland is so beautiful in the winter! Some of the pics below are taken in Aberdeen or the surrounding area. Now all we need is some snow this year!
Comment, critique and contributions encouraged in this important piece of policy development...thoughts?
On Tuesday the Scottish Government will become the first administration across the UK to publish serious proposals on how to respond to the Brexit vote.

This is an important moment for Scotland – as the disastrous economic consequences of Brexit become ever clearer, it is vital that we find a way to protect Scotland’s interests.

But it is also a hugely important moment for those living...
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Finally updated my biog on this page. :)
Enough is enough. The Government must act to end rail misery for commuters.
These are some suggested questions for the text service as lots of you are saying your not sure what to ask... Don't forget i'm giving away 20 minutes with one of my Mediums later today! Add your name below to enter on each of the posts that go up today. xx D xx
Hi everyone, some updates in this January & early February schedule in Italy, France & Greece.