chaq mol has left the building. Thanks to all who voted and showed their support. Now back to Stockholm
Miriam Bryant
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Miriam Bryant
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Kenza Zouiten
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One coconut a day.....or three.
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We won an award! P3 Guld
Adam Beyer
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Dark Funeral
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Klart oväntat & helt jävla sjukt. Vi vann visst Årets Metal i P3 GULD! Vi har helt enkelt världens bästa fans, så detta pris delar vi med Er & hela den Svenska Metal scenen! Stort tack!!!

När fansen får bestämma visar de att Svensk media & musikbranch har en del att lära....just saying...
Xuso Jones
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Feliz Domingo a todos! Sonriele a la vida y lucha siempre por tus sueños. Sed felices.
When lovely @ashley_rebello came and said hello before my performance yesterday.
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Groovy CD-single from the vaults! /P.
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1994? 1995? Who can tell? /P.
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Look Sharp 4xplatinum in Sweden in 1989. Pic from my home studio in Halmstad. Glorious! /P.
Tomorrow I'll be meeting my teammates again, excited #GONINJAS
Damn, we won @p3guld how sick is that?
Photo by Lisa Sihlberg
Miriam Bryant
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Very honored to be partnering with @StellaArtois and @Water for the “Buy A Lady A Drink” campaign. As an Ethiopian, this is an issue that hits close to home and has affected women in my own life. Help us be the generation that ends the global water crisis by purchasing a limited edition @StellaArtois chalice to provide five years of clean water to a person in the developing world....
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????????LOVE is the answer #wearefamily #womensmarch
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we support #WomensMarch