DARK FUNERAL - Unchain My Soul (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Where Shadows Forever Reign". Century Media Records 2016. OUT NOW! // See Below for Bu...


DARK FUNERAL - Unchain My Soul (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Where Shadows Forever Reign". Century Media Records 2016. OUT NOW! // See Below for Bu...

Dark Funeral
Malena Ernman
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Vita Huset signalerar att Trump vill skrota förbudet mot Dakota Pipeline...
Det är olja, gas och kol som gäller nu. Och fracking.
Hej då dricksvatten och hej då urbefolkningens rättigheter. Och hej då klimatet.
Några miljardärer vill tjäna lite mer pengar... och den totala galenskapen är på väg att ta över.

Donald Trump will move forward with Dakota Access Pipeline

Marcus Samuelsson
yesterday at 22:04. Facebook
It's Rhubarb Pie Day, which made me think of the Rhubarb Fool. It's a simple mix of Rhubarb compote and whipped cream, and it's too easy to eat more than one.

Rhubarb Fool

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Oh yeah!!
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Thank you for a great night Templars of Lyon!
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Amon Amarth
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Johan Söderberg, #JOMSVIKING World Tour
In Flames
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THANK YOU Avenged Sevenfold & Disturbed for an amazing run.

Most of all, thank you to our Jesterheads around the World who continue to show their support and prove to us that In Flames is much bigger than just us.

We'll see you again soon. Make sure to keep up to date with our tour dates @ inflames.com or join our mailing list HERE: [ Fburls.com Link ]
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I've kind of started my old blog again. I need a soft start so it's mainly more pictures of today's look than I post on Instagram and Facebook so far just to make sure I can keep it up before I start up more like it used to be with music tips, Goth stuff in general etc.

Adora BatBrat

Filip & Fredrik
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Breaking News med Filip & Fredrik sänder live inför säsongsstarten på Kanal 5 ikväll 22.00.
Emelie Forsberg
yesterday at 16:33. Facebook
It was a battle for sure! I enjoyed every second, so much pleasure just beeing out there, healthy! Congrats Axelle Mollaret and Laura Orgué for the podium. Thank you all so much for your greetings, and thanks to my sponsors;
Salomon | Suunto | Clif Bar | Bliz - Protective Sports Gear | Sports Tracker | @Biofood Sverige | Pomoca Climbing Skins Crazy Idea | Dynafit |@Silvasweden
having dinner with the @xtrfy crew and @nipofficial people! Since I can't get everyone in the picture. here's emil!
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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Niki & The Dove
yesterday at 18:13. Facebook
Still stunned and overwhelmed by the fact that we won 'Pop of the year' at P3 Guld this weekend. It's thanks to you - the listeners - that it became true. We're truly grateful
Backyard Babies
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Backyard Babies - Tour By Tour 17 - Spring - Summer. To be continued...☠