Western Cape Government
01/18/2017 at 09:39. Facebook
Don't be caught out by job scams! ⚠ See our note below for some advice on how to spot fake job ads. ⬇
Are you a visitor to the Western Cape? Welcome! Make the most of your stay by using only registered tourist guides. For all you need to know, check out our note below. ⬇
Did you know that 29 of the 45 beaches awarded Blue Flag status this year in South Africa are in the Western Cape? See our note below for more info and to plan your beach visits this holiday season.
You can register online for 2017 January at [ Mrche.co.za Link ] or Download the Application Form here: [ Mrche.co.za Link ] , complete it and email it to enrol@mrche.co.za or Fax it 086 621 7583, you can SMS or WhatsApp your email to 078 526 1127 and we will email you the application. Download brochure here - [ Mrche.co.za Link ] . Contact us at Tell: 011 402 2297 and Cell: 078 526 1127