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Fatti's & Moni's
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Fatti's & Moni's
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Có những người là cả thế giới của một ai đó <3
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How you make breakfast with #5FMCHARTS in the background!

Time to count down the hottest tracks on the airwaves! 10am to 2pm!
#SATOP30 & #AroundTheWorldTop10
Cadbury Dairy Milk
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Can you name the Queen Bey song from these emojis?

Clue: The Eurythmics released a song with the same title in
the 80s…
BBC Lifestyle
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Turning your back on that hectic week at work like... #FridayFeeling
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Fatti's & Moni's
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"Tôi nghĩ, có lẽ tôi sẽ yêu người con gái khác, có quá nhiều người con gái khác ngoài kia, trong khi người yêu tôi - cô ấy quá ĐƠN GIẢN VÀ MỜ NHẠT! "

Chàng trai à, hãy nghĩ cho kỹ vào. Đúng, có rất nhiều cô gái tuyệt vời hơn cô ấy, họ thông minh hơn cô ấy, hấp dẫn hơn cô ấy, xinh đẹp và tài giỏi hơn cô ấy.
Đó đơn giản là cuộc sống - đầy những cám dỗ - VÀ ĐỪNG ĐỂ BỊ CÁM DỖ.

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Fatti's & Moni's
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| COMING UP | on #5TALKS at 3PM today:

That mystical beast that is the local music scene is unravelled with our expert panel Get your questions in with the hashtag!

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#ThatFridayFeeling It's... the... WEEEEEEEKEND BABY!!!
Gareth Cliff
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Cadbury PS Bar
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Attention men! Are you the type that likes to suit up and wear a tie every day or do you prefer something a bit more… alternative?
Hansa Pilsener
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It’s the end of the day which can only mean one thing - time to Switch to Refreshment only a Pilsener can bring.
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We're having that all important talk about the music industry. Anything you want to know about how it all works - we'll be talking about it! Join Das Kapital and our expert panel, featuring SAMA Chairperson, Sydney Dlamini and SAMRO board member Gabi Le Roux tomorrow between 3-4PM
Bidvest Wits
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"When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success." – Diego Maradona #QuoteOfTheDay
Shoprite South Africa
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Take a page out of our book and start SAVING! Buy a 72-Page A4 College Exercise Book for R2.49. View more deals >> [ Goo.gl Link ]
Club Med
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You don't need to worry about the big things or the small things; we've got them all covered.
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What's the worst sound in the world? Snorting back lurgies? Nails on a chalk board?

Coming up with Nicole on #ForbesAndFix:
Shoprite South Africa
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We are giving you 1000 ways to SAVE 1000 this January. Looking for a quick and healthy snack that won’t break the bank? Our #SavingsTip couldn’t be easier – SAVE on 6x100g Danone Nutriday Smooth Yoghurt, only R32.99 for 3.