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Guilt-free cookies & cream? Yes, please! Sweeten up your day with this delicious Shakeology recipe: [ Link ]
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There are infinite ways of tracking what food you put into your body. Could this be the new solution? Maybe it's time we turn mindless munching into mindful eating. Find out more:

Can You Lose Weight by Counting Your Bites?
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Get excited, we're about to upgrade your plate. Swap your usual slice of bread for this healthy, nutrient rich, low carb Cauliflower Bread. Now let's trick your tastebuds with this savory recipe.

How to Make Cauliflower Bread
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With challenge comes change. Your weight loss journey is about learning to overcome your challenges by finding the perfect solution.

12 Common Obstacles to Losing Weight
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It might be time to cancel your membership to the "clean plate club." Here's why!

Why You Are Not Losing Weight: Clean Plate Club
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A life without tots isn't worth living. Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic, but these broccoli tots are pretty darn fantastic. Get the recipe β†’ [ Link ]
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It's one thing to get into great physical shape, but real success is when you FEEL good from the inside out.
Here's how it's done β†’
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Let your slow cooker do all the work for a change, with this hearty vegan recipe β†’
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With a little preparation, you can make the transition into a cleanse feel less challenging.

What to Do Before and After a Cleanse
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Bryant M. was a single dad and a busy IT professional who was concerned about his health. He completed several programs, some on Beachbody On Demand, and lost 75 pounds in just over 2 years. He said, "The best thing about Beachbody On Demand is the ability to access the programs, meal plans, workout schedules, and the new FIXATE food show! It has helped me stay consistent."
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Here's how the CORE DE FORCE modifier unleashed her inner badass.

Meet the CORE DE FORCE Modifier
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Frozen yogurt unicorn bark that's delicious and healthy as can be? Nope, you're not dreaming. Get the recipe here β†’ [ Link ]
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Finish the week feeling strong and energized with these 5 tips!

Stop Feeling So Tired! Here Are 5 Ways to Fight Fatigue
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When your slow cooker is meal-prep's best friend.

9 Genius Slow Cooker Tips for Easy Meal Prep
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96% of people who have always been at a healthy weight are daily breakfast eaters, according to Cornell’s new online Global Healthy Weight Registry. Check out the blog for habits to help maintain your weight-loss efforts.

What You Need to Maintain Weight Loss
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All it takes is making smaller, smarter choices throughout the day to get things moving in the right direction.

The Crazy-Busy Person's Guide to Losing Weight
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Diet soda isn't good for you? Shocker. Read what this carbonated sugar impersonator really does to your body.

What REALLY Happens When You Drink Diet Soda
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Magical foods that burn off fat don't exist, BUT here are 4 types of foods that may help you reach your weight-loss goals faster.

Are There Foods That Can Help You Burn Belly Fat?
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Good news iOS and tvOS users, the newest version of BOD is live on the App Store! Here are some of the updates you'll see in the app and what we've got coming in the future.

Beachbody On Demand for iOS: Version 2.4
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You're just a sprinkle away from upgrading your avocado toast.
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