Mickey Mouse
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Spotted: Mickey and friends #RockTheDots in celebration of National Polka Dot Day this Sunday.
Mickey Mouse
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Mickey Mouse
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Put your hands together for Disney Family’s Mickey felt pin craft!
Mickey Mouse
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Tag the Minnie Mouse in your life. #RockTheDots
Mickey Mouse
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Mickey Mouse
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Anyone else craving cookies and milk? Try this recipe and share your tastiest treats using #MickeyMorsels. Let's get started!

Step one: First thing's first! Preheat oven to 350°F.
Step two: Mix all ingredients together except the chocolate candies. We're saving those for later!
Step three: When that's all mixed well, time to throw in the chocolate candies!
Step four: Let's get messy! Using...
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Frames filled with fun! Fly over to YouTube to see Disney Artist Floyd Norman recreate the first Mickey Mouse comic live right now: di.sn/60058Pht7
Don't miss a minute of the magic! Disney Artist Floyd Norman redraws the first Mickey comic on YouTube live at 9:30 a.m. here: di.sn/60098PCwt
Mickey’s not afraid of the dark... just monsters in the dark.
Oh, boy! Flip through the fun on the anniversary of the Mickey Mouse comic strip. ✒
It’s going to be a magical morning. Show your #MickeyMorsels in the comments below!
Mickey makes the magic go 'round. ✨

Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Mobile DIY

Exhale negativity, inhale tacos. #TacoTuesday
Magic is always in fashion! Watch Disney Style iron out the details in this denim DIY.
Oh, boy! Mickey and pals make history with the participants of last Friday's Run Disney #WDWMarathon 10K at Walt Disney World!
The stars are all out tonight! ⭐
The cutest Mickey baubles have arrived at Disney Store:

Rebecca Hook is Our New Favorite Jewelry Designer at Disney Store