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Springfield’s latest celebrity is now accepting applications for new members to his entourage. Get the infamous rapper, his mansion & more in TSTO!
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It's a family affair.
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Big thank you to everyone who voted for us!
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Lisa makes the world a better place.
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Teen angst.
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Missed Mr. Burns highs and lows on last night's one-hour special?! You can watch it anytime on FOXNOW: [ Link ]
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Cheers! The Simpsons starts in ONE HOUR.
Cheers! The Simpsons starts in ONE HOUR.
Mama, Snoop Dogg's made it! Catch him spitting rhymes TONIGHT.
Queen Taraji P. Henson is joining us tonight! Who's ready for our special one-hour episode?
What is a special? It features celebrity guests Snoop Dogg, RZA, Common, Taraji P. Henson and Keegan-Michael Key. Catch them all tomorrow on our one-hour episode!
What is a special? The only place that can capture the downfall of Mr. Burns. Tune in to the one-hour episode this Sunday at 8/7c!
We're bringing a hip-hop twist to our one-hour episode this Sunday and TVLine's got the low down:

Simpsons EP Teases 'Crazy Melodrama' in Hour-Long Empire-Inspired Episode — Plus: Watch Taraji P. Henson in Action
Keegan-Michael Key is bringing the laughs this Sunday in our special one-hour episode!
The drama unfolds this Sunday at 8/7c!
RZA is throwing down on this Sunday's one-hour episode.
IndieWire's got the scoop on this Sunday's special one-hour episode, "The Great Phatsby".

‘The Simpsons’ One-Hour Episode: Behind the Crazy Mash-up of ‘Empire,’ Mr. Burns, Snoop Dogg and F. Scott Fitzgerald