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#FriendlyFriday: Michael Jackson, Jack Nicholson, and Ray Charles
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Michael Jackson ONE is full of magic. Are you ready? [ Cirk.me Link ]
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“That’s what I’m trying to do with songs like ‘Earth Song,’ ‘Heal The World,’ ‘We Are The World.’ Writing those songs to open up people’s consciousness. I wish people would listen to every word.” – Michael Jackson on his intent with the messages in his songs.
Michael Jackson
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“Some things in life they just don't want to see
But if Martin Luther was livin'
He wouldn't let this be.” – “They Don’t Care About Us” #MLKDay

Michael Jackson - They Don’t Care About Us (Brazil Version) (Official Video)

Music video by Michael Jackson performing They Don't Care About Us. (C) 1996 MJJ Productions Inc.

#MJTrivia: To which track did Michael contribute vocals on Stevie Wonder’s Characters?
For those of you who have seen Michael Jackson ONE in Las Vegas, what recommendations would you make to other fans who are planning their visits? Just started planning? Get your tickets here! [ Cirk.me Link ]
Forever the greatest of all time: In 1983, Michael won Best Single of the year for “Billie Jean”, Best Album for Thriller, Best Video Performance for “Beat It” and Top Male Vocalist of the year at the inaugural Black Gold Awards! #awards #respect #sweep
“The key to being a wonderful writer is not to write. You just get out of the way. Leave room for God to walk in the room.” – Michael Jackson on inspiration
Friendly Friday: Michael and Sophia Loren attend the American Cinema Awards.
It’s all about inspiration! When beginning the recording process for Bad, Michael would “wander around Southern California and record everything from machinery clanking to birds chirping to cars whizzing past, hoping to capture something that could be woven into the fabric of a hit song.” – Zach O’Malley Greenberg in Michael Jackson, Inc.
Did you know that Tchaikovsky works influenced Michael’s thinking about albums? “If you take an album like Nutcracker Suite, every song is killer. I said to myself ‘why couldn’t there be a pop album like that where every song…was a hit song?” – Michael Jackson to Ebony, 2007
Ebony Magazine printed this letter to the Editor in one of their 1983 issues. We know a lot of you feel the same.
Michael’s mission in life was to spread love and heal the world. How are you going to participate in his legacy to make this year better than the last?
What are YOU wearing to celebrate the New Year this weekend? Here’s some inspiration.
The L.A. Times described Michael’s singing on “Heartbreaker” as “sassy, defiant, and forceful.” Give it a listen today and leave your own review in the comments.

Invincible by Michael Jackson on Apple Music

“I believe we are powerful, but we don't use our minds to full capacity. Your mind is powerful enough to help you attain whatever you want.” – Michael Jackson, Moonwalk
Photo by Herb Ritts
Check out this look “behind the scenes” of the morphing sequence in “Black or White”:

An Oral History of Morphing in Michael Jackson's 'Black or White'

Happy Holidays to everyone around the world!