Each year PANDORA delight us with a limited edition Pink Ribbon piece, as they continue to support the fight against Breast Cancer globally. Keep an eye out next October for one of their beautiful pieces.
Since December, more than five million people living in #Damascus have been cut off from running water, including two million children. It's just the latest challenge facing children in #Syria.

With your help we've been trucking in fresh water and helping repair damaged infrastructure. We're making sure there's water #ForEveryChild.

See what UNICEF is doing to help those in need.
In Uganda's Ngogwe community, 4-year-old Sharon was saved from child abduction thanks to World Vision's Amber Alert system.

Sharon and her older brother David were brushing their teeth when two men tried to abduct them. As Sharon was taken, David found an adult who called for help. Through the Amber Alert system, loud drumbeats and megaphones blared to alert the entire community, and...
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Auckland Council
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Five south Aucklanders have been recognised in the New Year Honours List this year.

South Aucklander's services marked in New Year Honours

Work out from dawn to dusk. The Certificate in Fitness offers the practical skills and theoretical knowledge for a career in the fitness industry. Full time 6 months or part-time available.

Certificate in Fitness

Happy Wellington Anniversary weekend everyone! To celebrate, the weather sadly thought we should live up to our name as the Windiest Capital.

Tomorrow (Sunday) there will be wind and rain - with a WARNING in place for NW swells (up to 4m) along Kapiti Coast and Pukerua Bay.

There is also a WARNING in place for severe Northerly gales tomorrow - up to...
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Wellington City Weather - NZ Weather Forecast from MetService.com

When real life issues and academic interests collide, the results can have profound effects. Take psychology researcher Virginia Westerberg – she suffered concussion from a horse-riding fall and was surprised at the lack of information about sports injury prevention and awareness. So she decided to investigate. Her thesis on the impact of repeated minor trauma to the head has added new strands...
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Study links dementia to head injuries - Massey University

SPCA New Zealand
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For those of you who are thinking about adopting a cat or kitten from the SPCA, you will need to consider some of the quirky behaviours and needs that come along with your fuzzy friend!

As you can imagine, a lot of our cats and kittens haven’t had the greatest start to life, so making them feel safe and stress free when bringing them home for the first time is very important.

You can do...
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Time for James Bond 007 films to quit smoking, scientists at the Wellington campus of the University of Otago, say.
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Time for James Bond films to quit smoking, scientists say

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Join us in supporting King Homeboy's efforts to raise funds for children in hardship by beatboxing for 100 days and nights!

We are lucky to have people with big hearts doing what they can to make the world a better place. Aroha nui Te Kaea Maori Television

Beatbox marathon for KidsCan

On January 20, 2017, the United States inaugurated Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

United States Inaugurates President Trump

Adam Percival and Eve Palmer, presenters with the young adults TV Show Adam and Eve Show, take on firefighting and damage control challenges with help from the Sea Safety Training Squadron and HMNZS OTAGO.
How much do you know about blood types? Some less common blood types can be valuable as platelet or plasma donations, rather than being donated as a regular whole blood donation. Find out a little about B+ here!
*Plasma and platelet donations are only available at selected Donor Centres.
On the 16th of January 2017, e.coli levels at Waitara West Beach reached 2100 parts per 100ml. The acceptable risk level is 250 parts per 100ml. Sign our petition and read our plan to make the Waitara river safe for swimming.


Switch on Prime at 6pm this evening to watch our defending champion University Challenge team take on Waikato in the semi-final!
John Key
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Have people lost their attachment to clothing? The Twenties Club chats with talented young designer and AUT graduate Holly Marbeck as she talks about what the New Zealand fashion landscape is really like for young designers. For anyone wanting to work in the fashion industry, this is a must-read!

INTERVIEW | Holly Marbeck, AUT Graduate + Mars Jewellery Designer | The Twenties Club

Amnesty International has worked to hold world leaders - including every U.S. president - accountable for upholding human rights for over its 55-year history. Donald Trump will be no exception.

Standing up for human rights under President Trump's administration