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A vibrant, connected campus featuring some of the most modern teaching, learning and research facilities in the southern hemisphere; it’s all part of UC's 30 year master plan for campus development.

University releases future plans for campus
Check out these awesome pics from the 14 students currently in Bangkok on UCArts’ six-week Thailand Internship programme! Hosted by Mahidol University, the students are gaining a unique insight into Thai culture; working at a range of organisations, as well as taking day trips and weekend excursions in and around Bangkok. Big thanks to the students for sharing their photos! To see more, visit
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"What boys can do we also can do."

In a rural Indian community, these young women are challenging gender inequalities and determining their own futures:

Challenging gender inequality: the Mehak girls group
Thanks to Joshy Robinson for sharing this wonderful #NZSummer photo with us! It was chosen as this week's cover photo :)
Do you have a #NZSummer photo to share with us? It could be chosen next!
Ardijah, Rob Ruha, Troy Kingi and Adam Whauwhau are headlining Waitangi Day Family Celebrations. Don't miss this fun day out for the whole whānau! [ Link ]
Find the best free, family friendly events happening this Auckland Anniversary Weekend

Auckland Council
So-called green biofuels might not be as good for the environment as scientists hoped, according to Massey research. Algae can be used to produce a form of green crude, with the possibility of freeing societies and nations from their reliance on fossil fuels, yet this seemingly natural wonder has a dirty secret.
Read more about Professor Benoit Guieysse's research here: [ Link ]
“When you’re in high school you see all these jobs like vets, pilots and lawyers and you can’t help but aim toward a well-known profession, because that’s all you know – we didn’t even have an agriculture class. I had no idea that there were other professions out there, especially all the jobs in the ag sector that were not only there for the taking, but also aligned with what I wanted to do –...
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It’s technical but you can get your hands dirty - Massey University
Our friends at Purina New Zealand are helping us find Harry a home :)

On behalf of Harry we say, "thanks, Purina!"
Throwback to day one of Hands-On at Otago, where secondary school pupils from 170 secondary schools throughout the country took part in a week-long educational event in Otago.

Read more about one of the projects where 13 pupils learned to play in a gamelan orchestra: [ Link ]

Instagram photo by HandsOn@Otago2017 • Jan 15, 2017 at 9:18pm UTC
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We have a lovely feline we would like to introduce you all to: this is Beauty, and we think she suits her name perfectly.

This wee darling was hanging around a neighbourhood with seemingly no fixed abode. She was pregnant and all alone, and kept appearing at her finders home clearly wanting to join in with the fun.

They did all they could to locate her owners, but as none could be found they...
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You may remember the story of Bob and Todd, the bunny-duo who arrived in our care after being dumped in a plastic bag. They were scared, starved, and their fur yellowed after their ordeal.

After intensive care from our medical team, an abundance of love, and lots of reassurance, Bob and Todd are now ready for their forever home. As best buds, they enjoy snuggling up together and watching the...
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SPCA Auckland full to the brim with rabbits
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“We all have a responsibility to ensure our communities and the children in them can thrive and have the chance to grow into contributing members of society. I think most New Zealanders’ would agree that it’s not okay that so many of our children are going hungry and without the basics through no fault of their own," says Julie Chapman, KidsCan CEO and founder.

If you agree, and can spare 50c...
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Support a child | KidsCan
We might not be the only ones after your blood this season. Don't forget to up the bug repellant! And if you've been overseas, be sure to check our travel tool before you donate: [ Link ]
Buskers in the newly reopened Arts Centre Quad. Have you been out to check out the buskers?
Investing in our future is worth it. Well done Auckland for owning the problem and getting to work.

Dirty water: Water bills may rise to stop sewage overflows - National - NZ Herald News
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SCARED. STRESSED. IN PAIN. A new investigation shows yet again that animal welfare is severely compromised in rodeo events. This bullying has no place in New Zealand.

If you find it too distressing to watch, we're with you, we understand. You can still help animals that need us. Urge action from rodeo sponsors ➡ [ Link ]
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#BREAKING New Investigation on Checkpoint with John Campbell reveals ongoing abuse in rodeos. Please help ➡ [ Link ]

Rodeo footage shows animals restrained, in distress