Three white Abruzzo sheepdog puppies were found alive inside inside an Italian hotel that had been largely destroyed by an avalanche.

Rescuers worked through the night to save the trapped puppies.

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#Watch Grab your boogie board and speed down the 60-metre Rere rockslide in Gisborne.
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The truth comes out for one family on Eat Well For Less, tonight at 8.35.
#FreshOffTheNet: Pretty sure this was every Poly Parent?
If you haven't checked out the trailer or liked the Facebook page for One Thousand Ropes - do it! The latest film from Samoan director Tusi Tamasese, we can't wait to see the film!!! #PacificTalent
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Tony Veitch chats to Jennah Wootten about the upcoming World Masters Games 2017 happening right here in New Zealand #NZHFocus
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Telling the preschoolers there were bugs in their tap water was the only way to explain Havelock North’s water contamination crisis last August #NZHFocus
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Gareth Morgan and Winston Peters traded colourful insults at Ratana Pa today over whose political party is best for Māori
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Leonardo and Romeo are not your average cats. They both ride the horses β€” and the sheep #NZHFocus
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Niki Rauti is staging a sit-in to fight her eviction from the two-bedroom state home she's lived in for 21 years #NZHFocus
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Here's where we would say "what the actual f@#k is going on?" but Sharyn Casey's face literally says it all
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It hasn't taken long for Auckland Zoo's "cheeky" new baby giraffe to explore her public enclosure -- and feel comfortable enough to start playing.

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You gotta love New Zealand! Filmed by Adam Wilson during this past weekend’s Red Bull Defiance multi-sport race in Wanaka. An unexpected video-bomb from some of the locals….
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The "incredibly difficult to watch" video, from animal advocacy groups Anti Rodeo Action NZ and SAFE, hasn't just prompted controversy -- it has also triggered a government investigation.

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#SSPremiership Highlights Show | TONIGHT

Osita Henry Chikere secures the win for Eastern Suburbs against the Hamilton Wanderers on Sunday.

Catch the full highlights & all the action from Round 12 of the Stirling Sports Premiership tonight at 7:30pm SKY Sport 2
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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer took the opportunity to slam the media for its coverage of President Trump saying, β€œthe default narrative is always negative, and it’s demoralising.”