Definitely doing this at my next party!
Breakfast time is the best time with these Baked Eggs in Avocado!
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This is a super interesting situation,

Love or hate him, the story needs to be reported on fairly, I'm so fucking sick of these clickbait headlines that don't go past the surface of the story, and this one wasn't even that deep..

Jimi is a Maori, and he's not evening making a joke ( at this point)

I think the important thing to ask is What was the intent? people can use racial and...
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This Olive Oil & Balsamic Bread Dip is absolutely delicious as an appetizer!
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"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."
Abraham Lincoln
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100 countries. 1 million people. 1 billion reps. Were you part of the world's strongest day? #BODYPUMP100
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10 days to Nats - Wheel Drop :D

The custom designed 1off 3-piece #Ammoforged wheels arrived today. Soooo happy with the results, super buzzy to see a wheel design you had in your head come to life! Knowing that you own a wheel that no-one else has is pretty awesome.

Wheel stats:
Style: Custom
Colour: Satin Rose Bronze face with Gloss Rose Bronze lip
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Make sure everyone who gets to see this, it's a gold mine of great advice!
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There's nothing that makes me more proud to be a mom than my son! Share!
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It seems everyone is sick right now...why not treat your cold with these natural Homemade Cough Drops?
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We're remembering Muhammad Ali today on what would have been his birthday. RIP <3
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Happy Birthday to the amazing Betty White - We LOVE you!
Closing the gap on a mob of bulls with the bow... 100 odd yards out and closing.. #bghguidedhunt
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Big thanks to everyone that came together to celebrate #BODYUMP100 with us. We are #100strong.