Bob Marley
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The U.K. #MARLEYmusical cast has been announced, and the team is gearing up for its March 10 debut in Birmingham! Nuff respect to everyone involved, and best of luck.

Full cast announced for One Love: The Bob Marley Musical
Queen Ifrica
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Queen Ifrica
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check it out and share share share #Climb perorder on iTunes now pls and thks love you

Reggae History Comes Full Circle on Queen Ifrica & Damian Marley Duet 'Trueversation': Video Premiere
Mr. Vegas
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The Moravian Pastor & his two deputies charged with CARNAL ABUSE. So all they have been doing all this time, is hide behind the pulpit, to cover up their DUTTY NASTY SELF. Now unu wonder why people a bun out CHURCH. Too much damn HYPOCRITES. People find God for yourself. I don't see nothing wrong with staying a yuh yard a give praise!

Two more clergymen charged with carnal abuse
Stephen Marley
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Sean Kingston
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It's quite obvious that Czech adult actress Katerina Hartlova might have one the greatest pair of natural

50 Stunning Katerina Hartlova Photos That Prove Natural Breasts Are Sexier Than Implants
Cedella Marley
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Live today with passion and purpose... #PositiveVibrations #StayFocused

Positive Vibrations 1.23.17 | A Nice Time
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Sean Kingston
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It's quite obvious that Czech centerfold Laura Lion might have one the greatest pair of

These 50 Photos of Laura Lion's Massive Chest Will Drive You Absolutely Crazy
Sean Kingston
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Remember Mia Khalifa? Of course you do. She is still in the top ten (probably top 5) on every adult websites rankings for most popular stars. Her ‘work’ will likely outlive all of us. This despite the fact that she doesn’t do any of that anymore. So what exactly has Mia been up to lately

Mia Khalifa Dissed Meek Mill & The 76ers And Then Got Destroyed By Joel Embiid
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Since the beginning of recorded human history, there has been one constant regarding every technological achievement - from cave paintings to pho...

Pornstars Reveal The Horrifying Truth About The Adult Film Industry - #16 Will Shock You!
Sean Kingston
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That's 15 minutes at a time, not cumulatively over your entire lifespan. Anyway, find out why you should probably do your reading elsewhere.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Sit On Toilet Seat For Longer Than 15 Minutes
Sean Kingston
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This little hole shows just how much work goes into the design of an iPhone. That tiny hole has a big impact on your phone.

This Is What The Hole Next To Your iPhone Camera Is For
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I-Octane has a show on 2017-01-28 at 21:00 @ American apple HQ in Westmoreland [ Link ]

Sean Kingston
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Prince William's answer is only slightly better than saying "It's good to be the king."

This Is Why Prince William Never Wears His Wedding Ring
Sean Kingston
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This woman thought she was getting one over on her ex, but he completely turned the tables on her.

Wife Has Husband Arrested For Talking To Pretty Teen; 4 Days Later, Wife Gets Biggest Shock Of Life
Chin Music
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Thanks The Jamaica Star !!! #Throwback #WhiteHouse #1600PennsylvaniaAvenue #IncredibleExperience

Meeting Obama was an honour — Tessanne