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Flat Head Syndrome may sound alarming, but it's easily preventable with these simple tips.

Does Your Baby Have 'Flat Head Syndrome'?
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Children should share a bed with mum until the age of three, apparently.

Baby's Heart And Brain Suffers From Sleeping Alone New Study Reveals
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"Children change everything.You think more about your health because you want to stick around to mind these little people and you know you’re the best person for the job."

The Working Mom: Aisling O'Loughlin
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Does the idea of getting down n' dirty with leaky boobs and stitched-up bits leave you feeling more horrified than horny?

Mummy's Coming! Getting Jiggy With It After You've Had A Baby
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"For me, it was a general everyday feeling of grey that almost nothing could penetrate"

"Accepting My Anxiety Changed My Life"
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A HUGE help if your child feels left out or upset in the yard.

Students Are Standing Up To Bullying With These Genius 'Buddy Benches'
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Are you struggling with dry January? Kat shares her experiences.

Opinion: Doing Dry January -
The East Coast Cycle Challenge - 15th July 2017
Discover the beautiful coastline of the East Coast of Ireland and take on The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Cycle challenge for 2017! For more information visit [ Link ] or call the Fundraising Team on 01-2073833.

The East Coast Cycle Challenge 2017 - Alzheimer Society of Ireland
We've all seen the films – when someone gasps, clutches his chest and falls to the ground. Can a fit of rage or extreme physical exertion trigger a heart attack?
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Corned-beef sandwiches, desks with inkwells, terrifying nuns! Reasons to be glad your children didn't go to school in the 80's.

10 Reasons going to school in 2017 is better than in the 1980s
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Do you know the early signs of labour? Every labour experience is different, but the more you know what to expect, the more prepared you’ll be.

What Are The Early Signs Of Labour?
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Mmmmm.......these are SO good!

Crunchie Rocky Road
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