Make-A-Wish Ireland
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97% of Make A Wish volunteer fundraisers reported feeling more grateful as a result of fundraising. #WishDay is Friday 31st March 2017 and we need volunteers from all around the country to give up just a few minutes of their time! Sign up here: [ Link ]
Dublin Business School
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Whether it's help with your studies, or confidential counselling, we pride ourselves on our supportive and caring environment. Here’s our full list of support services [ Link ].
Dublin Business School
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"With the knowledge I have gained from the ACCA programme at DBS, I have been able to pursue opportunities in my working life which would not otherwise have been available to me" - Emer Skelly, 1st place ACCA Prizewinner (P1, Ireland)

Come along to our ACCA Open Evening on Feb 9th at 6:30pm [ Link ]
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Are you struggling with dry January? Kat shares her experiences.

Opinion: Doing Dry January -
Unislim Clubs
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We all know the weekend can be though, and staying on track can be hard. With Unislim and our Feed Yourself Fit Plan you can still enjoy your weekend :) [ Link ]

We want to know, what do you spend your Treat Bites on? Let us know below! :D Ps We're running a 30 Photo Challenge over on our Instagram, head over to join in and feel inspired [ Link ]

#TogetherWeRule #USPhotoChallenge
The East Coast Cycle Challenge - 15th July 2017
Discover the beautiful coastline of the East Coast of Ireland and take on The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Cycle challenge for 2017! For more information visit [ Link ] or call the Fundraising Team on 01-2073833.

The East Coast Cycle Challenge 2017 - Alzheimer Society of Ireland
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The Arts degree in DCU is varied with a wide diversity of subjects. Bríd Browne tells us about her experience of the Irish & Media Joint Honors Programme. [ Link ]

BA Irish and Media - Bríd Browne

Bríd Browne, an Irish and Media student, tells us about her experience in the Joint Honors Programme in Dublin City University. The Arts degree in DCU is var...

Irish Heart Foundation
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We've all seen the films – when someone gasps, clutches his chest and falls to the ground. Can a fit of rage or extreme physical exertion trigger a heart attack?
SEDA College
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Congratulations, guys! You've worked hard to get this and proved that you are the best! :D
Good job! Follow their example. Come to SEDA and be the best!

#SEDACollege #HonorRoll
SEDA College
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Great news are coming! :)

This video gives information and explanation about our scholarship program :)

Come and join us in Dublin! :D

#SEDACollege #Scholarship #Dublin #Ireland #liveyourdream #studyabroad
Sinn Féin Ireland
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Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD discusses the upcoming Assembly election and urges people to vote for equality and respect.
These two dogs are missing from their loving family since Christmas eve.
Both male. Both chipped. Both neutered with collars on.
They escaped the garden and vanished. They searched everywhere. Been on the radio and they have never been seen again.
They went missing from Blennerville Tralee in Co. Kerry.
They could have been picked up to sell on.
Please share all over Ireland.
A lady who is and has been a huge supporter of ours with a long time and someone I now have as a friend in my personal life that is my rock. I love her beyond words. She likes to remain anon but we all know who you are and today she came with so much food for both the animals and the volunteers who are now fighting over their yummy treats. Now she is busy walking the dogs with her friend and...
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Ex Kerry pound.
Photo three.
He acts and looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders yet he is only about 18 mnts. He sat quietly in the pound, head down to be almost invisible. I expected him to be older and was shocked when I opened his mouth. Calmly he followed me on the lead to our van. All the way home he lay down with not a sound. Twenty four hours later. He still is...
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The donkeys enjoying a chilled out Saturday!
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