How has your Friday the 13th gone? I have been very careful not to walk under any ladders today. ( I am way too superstitious to take any chances). :) Join me on The Love Zone for some gorgeous love songs. I am with you until 12. Lisa :)
Don't be this girl if we get a bit of snow ok? Lol!
Having one of those days at work??
This will keep you amused for a while!

12/01/2016. Facebook
Happy 1st of December! We can now eat chocolate for breakfast.
Every. Single. Time.....Night!X
Exercise is better with friends
09/25/2016. Facebook
09/20/2016. Facebook
Breaking: Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, citing irreconcilable differences. #brangelina
Cleaning needed :)
Who hates when others pick at your food
Can you feel that Friday feeling???
Well that's unless you work weekends...
Step 1. Put entire sausage in mouth
Step 2. Rethink Step 1