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Don’t miss this hilarious new animated adventure hitting our screens on January 27th. Sing is a musical comedy about finding the shining star that lives inside all of us. Book your tickets now [ Link ] x
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Flea flicker! The Patriots are balling!
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SERIOUS leg power!

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We all feel a certain way about faux freckles, but what about GLITTER FRECKLES Tag a friend!
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That Julio Jones touchdown is even better in Spanish.
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Paul Daley's KO last night from Bellator 170. Good grief!
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Wenger is out of control. Next he'll be jaywalking and leaving the toilet seat up.
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Antoine Griezmann today. Absolute magic.
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Was Rod Stewart after a glass of chardonnay while doing the Scottish Cup draw today, or is he just really, really excited about the fifth round?
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Guaranteed to make you smile ;)
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CLASSIC: This was some Ad! ⚽
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What a try!

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Rod Stewart after a few..

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DIY LIP TINT Tag a friend you'd try this with!!!
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Arsenal would rob the eyes out of your head and come back for the lashes. What a finish from Alexis Sanchez to snatch the win.

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“Alexis Sanchez's penalty in the 97th minute! #afc”
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Shane Long is celebrating his 30th birthday with a win over the champions, still no comparison to this magic moment though.

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"It was like a movie tonight."

Tito Ortiz thanks his fans after announcing his retirement last night.