Here is a question for you and we are dying to hear how you feel about it... Can some consent to sex when they are drunk??

Do you believe that having sex with a drunk person is taking advantage, and possibly even rape?? Or is yes always yes, no matter what that persons state of mind is?? Should there be a law against having sex with someone who is obviously under the influence??
Donal Skehan
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These healthy Breakfast Muffins are kept moist & delicious with a nifty trick...using the pulp from your juicer!

Think carrot cake but good for you!
Pierce Brosnan
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Back in the days of stage work, at the Glasgow Citizens theatre with the mighty Mr Ciaran Hinds in "Painters Palace of pleasure" a three hour epic of Jacobean Tragedy ...wild nights !
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Who's got one?
#FollowMyLead #SpitKickRevolt
Ryan Dolan
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Here's my brand new cover guys. Hope you like it!!

I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd (Ryan Dolan Cover)
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Anyone around London . The blizzards playing 3rd March for a very very cool festival in electric ballroom in Camden. Some craic
Buttsy Butler
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"For Sale" Friend of mine in Norway is selling this 840hp Quattro Mini. Price: £33k
Al Foran Comedy
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Rooney, Zlatan, Mourinho, Rio Ferdinand and Fergie cannot wait to witness An Experience With Conor Mcgregor this Saturday!

Event info here: [ Link ]

Follow their page for more info! Olexy Group
Janet Devlin
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Beetroot burger with all the trimz ❤
Janet Devlin
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Studio day ☺ writing some new tunes!
Here is a little throwback to Emmet's live video from the guys tour bus..
Skip forward to 29:00 minutes for the good stuff Emmet also sings a song from his album which is available for pre-order on our website
"Still haven't found what I'm looking for"

Here is a little video we did live on the streets of Chicago
Here is a video of 'Irelands Call' from one of our final shows of the 2016 'Legacy' tour :)
"Actors Who Appear in the Best Films" interesting graph presented by Vox.
Congratulations to Michael Fassbender and Sean Harris for their National Film Awards nominations for #TrespassAgainstUs!

[ Link ]

The awards will be broadcast in London on March 29th on Sky channel 261.
Michael Fassbender, Derek Cianfrance and method acting on the set of "The Light Between Oceans". Exclusive clip.
#Fassbender #Cianfrance #TheLightBetweenOceans

Exclusive Clip: Michael Fassbender’s The Light Between Oceans Method Acting Involved Laundry and Milking Goats
Foy Vance
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Big thanks to Billboard for premiering the new official video for 'Moonshine' featuring scenes from Live by Night and shots of Foy and Kacey Musgraves in the studio!


Foy Vance & Kacey Musgraves Team Up For New Song 'Moonshine': Video Premiere
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i always liked the thought of maybe being a runaway x
Today things got very heated when a caller told us exactly how she feels about father's being left in charge of kids - she then went on to attack our Adrian and stooped to some pretty low levels... This is a nasty piece of work!! Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>

"Mammy Knows Best, Father's Are Useless Imbeciles"