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It's the final week of our one-a-day Nutribullet giveaway, but that still means there's plenty of time to win. Simply pick up a pack of Slimline in store today, and enter the pack code here: Start strong with Slimline Milk!
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Find your flavour
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Sleep-in Beauty
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No matter what this kid goes on to achieve, nothing will ever top the day he knocked over both of his siblings with a single shot.
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Como você está? :D ✈ #Viajar #Travel
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When you can't decide between Indian or Thai #FindYourFlavour
Nailartaholic Studio
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That Friday feeling #FassbenderFriday
How has your Friday the 13th gone? I have been very careful not to walk under any ladders today. ( I am way too superstitious to take any chances). :) Join me on The Love Zone for some gorgeous love songs. I am with you until 12. Lisa :)
When you remember that A Series of Unfortunate Events starts on Netflix today so your weekend is sorted!
Happy Friday the 13th. May all your irrational superstitions haunt you today.
When outside is colder than your fridge.
Don't be this girl if we get a bit of snow ok? Lol!
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Wouldn't it be just great if our pets could help us sometimes?
When you hear the delivery driver outside.
Cheers to the weekend!
Our Small Business Open Day will take place on Tuesday the 24th of January. More details about the event will be made available soon. In the meantime, make sure you register your interest [ Goo.gl Link ]
When a co-worker asks you how Christmas was and you immediately list all the things you ate.