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केजरी के बचाव में PETA कहा था ! :P
Organisation of more such events will prove informative in relaying the nuances related to sports and endorse fitness among the public.
Events like PSPB Winter Delhi Half Marathon not only encourage sports literacy but also popularize the message of #SwasthBharat
Flagged off the PSPB Winter Delhi Half Marathon at JLN Stadium.
The SAD-BJP alliance has been the most sensitive towards the agony of the farmers and has always taken steps to safeguard their interests. ‪Punjab government provides interest free loan to farmers for up to Rs.50,000 and at 7% interest for amount above that.‬
Tata Crucible
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#Quiz: Which Florida-based brewery invented a biodegradable version of plastic rings making use of their natural brewing byproducts, like wheat & barley so sea life can munch on them without fear?
What three words you saw in this word search?

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By the time a new president is inaugurated, following a long campaign and a hard-fought election, Americans — and the world — know a lot about the winning candidate. Add to that President Trump’s high profile before he ran for office, and you might think there’s little left to learn. But did you know that Citizen Kane is President Trump’s favorite film? Or that he has a star on the Hollywood...
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Yogendra Yadav
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AAP government has cut down the number of beneficiaries in every single scheme meant to benefit SC/ST/OBC students. Here are the facts, drawn from the Government’s own documents:

• The number of school scholarships awarded to SC/ST/OBC students came down from 7,50,021 in 2014-15 to 6,79,976 in 2015-16, a massive reduction of 70,045.
• A similar scheme meant for higher education, “Merit...
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ప్రభుత్వంలో ఏ పదవిలో లేని లోకేష్ తో.. జెడ్పీ నిధుల కోసం చర్చించటం.. లోకేష్ రాజ్యాంగేతర శక్తిగా వ్యవరిస్తున్నారు అనటానికి ఇంతకు మించి ఉదాహరణ కావాలా..?
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ఒకపక్క మాది బీద రాష్ట్రం కేంద్రం ఆదుకోవాలి అంటూనే మరోపక్క పుష్కరాలంటూ 3వేల కోట్లు, శాంకుస్థాపనలంటూ 500కోట్లు, పిలవని పేరంటం దావోస్ టికెట్ కు 4.5కోట్లు... ఇలా పబ్లిసిటీకి వేలకోట్లు తగలేసే నారా భకాసురుడు మన ముఖ్యమంత్రి చంద్రబాబు ఇప్పటికైనా కళ్లు తెరిచి ప్రత్యేకహోదా కోసం పోరాడుతాడేమో ఆశిద్దాం.
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#StairwayToSuccess Engineering Courses at Poornima Group of Colleges offer Industrial Visits for better understanding and insights on internal working of the companies! With 100% admissions through REAP/JEE, know more about our colleges here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Gorillas are considered to be very intelligent animals. #DidYouKnow they can use sticks or branches to perform simple tasks?
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Today was a memorable day at Smt Radhikabai Meghe Vidyalaya when I inaugurated Aapla Katta a one day workshop on traditional sports which included Veeti Dandu, Lagori, Bhavre, Gotya, Aatya Patya etc. I remembered my childhood days when I used to play these traditional sports with my friends . I really felt sorry for all the present generation children who have missed the joy and enjoyment of...
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IMT Nagpur
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Knodues the winning team of Pantheon'17 shared their experience with the student managers of IMT Nagpur.
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Take a look at the key challenges faced by the Indian #IT-BPM industry -