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Lo más romántico que verás hoy en las redes...#ViernesDeMamá
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity captured a view of wispy afternoon clouds, not unlike fair weather clouds on Earth, passing overhead on the Martian day (Oct. 2, 2006).

The 10 frames, taken 32 seconds apart, show the formation and evolution of what are likely mid-level, convective water clouds. With Opportunity facing northeast, the clouds appear to drift gently toward the west in...
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¡2x1! Esta hermanita habrá aprendido que no hay que reírse de la desgracia ajena...
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So sleepy...
O encéfalo é formado pelo cérebro (telencéfalo e diencéfalo), mesencéfalo cerebelo, ponte e bulbo. O encéfalo junto com a medula espinhal constituem o sistema nervoso central. Todas as partes do encéfalo e a medula espinal são envolvidas por três membranas de tecido conjuntivo, as meninges.

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Know that moment when you feel all tongue-tied at the thought of saying something in your new language?
#CETA removes 99% of tariffs: a big deal for Europe's small businesses #SMEs
O encéfalo é formado pelo cérebro, cerebelo e bulbo. O encéfalo junto com a medula espinhal constituem o sistema nervoso central.
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Móntese a la bici.


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Como o dedo já está cansado, recorremos a uma nova maneira de atualizar a página para ver as notas do #enem

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Just lost 10 min of my life...
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Be A Fun Mum
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One thing I look for with book covers for my children’s school books is that they stay put when opening and closing the book. If they shift around, they are annoying for the child to use and tend to break. The Love These Covers range are fabulous and become one with the book so you don’t even notice they are covers. They come in a range of bright funky styles which you can find here - [...
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One of the sweetest GIFs you'll see today!
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Awwww... Todos los hermanitos, siempre. #MartesDeBebé
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Mother and Child Guide
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Quem aí está se sentindo assim hoje?

É amanhã, galera!!!! #Enem

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“The one single factor that determines society’s success is the percentage of Change Maker within it” – Bill Drayton, social entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Ashoka

Have you ever dreamed of making a difference, bringing positive impact to your community or the world? Are you a Change Maker? No matter if it is big or small, every effort counts and you can start by developing your career as a...
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Es muy importante enseñarles el respeto a todos los animales. De adultos serán personas de provecho para la sociedad.

Las cárceles están llenas de criminales que empezaron matando animales en
su infancia. ‍Preserve Planet
✔ #elNuevoSerHumano