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Mondays can sometimes feel like time has just... frozen!

A Case of the Mondays, as Told by Disney Characters
18 Karat Reggae
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Vybz Kartel come hard, can't wait for the Alkaline response. Danehall a guh nice again like back in the 90s.

Vybz Kartel comes to Popcaan rescue, dis Alkaline.
18 Karat Reggae
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18 Karat Reggae
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Do you remember Soul Train? Do you miss Soul Train? If you do, there is good news coming down the pipeline for you. There won’t be another Soul Train but a Reggae train will be passing your way and as Toots and the Maytals sung: “Reggae got soul.” Or you can look at it from the point of view that re...

Reggae Train is coming our way. Get on board, thank the Lord.
18 Karat Reggae
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Stacey Dash is having sincere regrets, she claims.

Stacey Dash issues apology to Black Community.
ESPN Baseball Tonight
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Spring is coming.

But the World Series champion Chicago Cubs still need some pitching depth.

Cubs' Needs Remain The Same As Offseason Winds Down
ESPN Baseball Tonight
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Nearly four months after the death of José Fernández, MLB is mourning the loss of another magnetic pitcher with a bright future.

Yordano Ventura's Death Leaves Baseball In Shock
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Is there any player who is worth £172m in this world of football?

Manchester United and Chelsea in race for £172m-rated La Liga star - Sokkaa
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01/23/2017 at 15:07. Facebook
So which player would you add or remove in the starting ELEVEN?

Centre back: Shkodran Mustafi (Arsenal)

Forward: Fernando Llorente (Swansea)........See Full team here.

GAME 22: Sokkaa Premier League Team of the Week - Sokkaa
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Guillem Balague provides major Antoine Griezmann update: Man United fans will love this

Antoine Griezmann – Manchester United: Balague provides a major update - Sokkaa
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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has his say on Diego Costa celebration!

Conte on Costa celebration: This is why my Chelsea staff are in danger - Sokkaa
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Social Interview
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Most people just gave a dirty look at mom. This guy took it to the next level

Pregnant Mom's Baby Won’t Stop Screaming On The Plane, Until A Stranger Suddenly Picks Him Up
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Why not only employees need to constantly learn and change - the same goes for executives!

By Bookboon author Günther Schust
#SupportiveLeadership #eBooks #Bookboon

The Paradigm Change: 5 Rules to Understand “New Leadership” for the Disruptive Future – Part 1 | Bookboon Blog
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تعليقاتكم ..
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ما الذي يمكن ان تحققه هذه المحادثات برأيك؟
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تقول هيئة رقابة قانونية في #الولايات_المتحدة إنها سترفع دعوى على الرئيس الأمريكي، دونالد #ترامب، لأنه - بحسب ما تقول - ينتهك حظرا دستوريا على قبول أموال مدفوعة من حكومات أجنبية بواسطة نزلاء في فنادقه، وإيجارات لبعض مبانيه. ووصف نجل ترامب، إريك، هذه الخطوة بأنها "مضايقة من أجل مكسب سياسي".

هل ترى ان ترامب يسعى الى تحقيق مكاسب مالية؟

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