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اللهمَّ في كل يوم جديد زدته في حياتنا ، أن تزيدنا معه إيماناً ورزقاً وسعادة وتوفيقاً .
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Great news! J-List is having a big Valentine's sale on all chocolate + snack products (for those with boyfriends/girlfriends), plus all ecchi toys (for those who need 2D waifus). Get 2x J-List through Feb. 15. Time to stock up! See [ Jli.st Link ]
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Quick thinking

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PSG - Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti received a yellow card for this headed back pass. Do you think it is right?

Football GIFs #betadvisorsports
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Small piece of advice: Never underestimate your opponent.

Especially if that opponent is Donnie Yen-甄子丹 Official. goo.gl/cP6cTQ
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The J-List website has been updated w/ great new products + my Japan blog update. Today's update talks about the new Gabriel DropOut anime, plus why the Japanese know more English (grammar) than you. See [ Jli.st Link ]
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J-List always has lots of art books from Japan, like I Love Girls' Lingerie and Oppai-do, the Way of Oppai. Click to see: [ Jli.st Link ]
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Great moments in the Gabriel DropOut anime: Gabriel tries to teleport to school, but only her pantsu go.

Are you watching this new show? As an Umaru fan, I'm liking it quite a bit.
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Confident / Hard-working / Determined. Look at your goals everyday: follow the rooster mindset. #RemyMartin #ChineseNewYear
وما الصباح إلا لغة جميلة ليوم أجمل اللهم يا واهب الأرزاق افتح لنا أبواب رزقك ويسر لنا أمرنا وفرج همنا
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Your dog?
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جمال تراه وقوة تشعر بها مع هاتف #LGV20
Don’t be fooled – It’s as powerful as it is pretty
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Make a memorable charm for your cute pets.
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