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From Hollywood to Santa Monica and from Marilyn Monroe to Harry Potter: Los Angeles is awesome!

The ultimate guide to LA County
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It was selected as the best airport in South America in 2016.

Tips for you to enjoy your time at the Bogotá airport
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The coast in this state is synonymous with warm sands and ocean foam on your feet... Tag your favorite travel companion so you can dream together <3

The most wonderful images of Rio Grande do Norte that you’re going to see today
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The @F123 system is an incredible initiative for the visually impaired.

Learn about the Brazilian man who helps blind people to use the internet
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Bogotá free from stress and strain.
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You won’t forget your socks or run out of storage on your phone because of photos anymore.

4 apps that can make life easier for travelers
Fashionista Bogotá: a stylist’s favorite places.

5 addresses to visit in Bogotá now
On the way to Auckland, a spoiler: the sun! Photo by @joaodemcneto
It looks like Germany, but it has a 100% Chilean soul.

Beyond the postcard: a tour of Puerto Varas
OK, but can you be in both hemispheres at the same time?

5 facts about the equator that you may not know
We don’t land on the moon yet, but our A320 neo can take you pretty close photo by spotter @cgrspotter
True or false: close to the equator, water swirls in opposite directions in each hemisphere.
The middle of the globe is pretty cool :)

Quito: journey to the center of the Earth
Resolution for 2017: worry less, travel more! Where is your passport going this year?
New Year’s Eve!!! (also known as warm-up for Carnaval)

5 Brazilian capitals to enjoy New Year’s Eve
Lions, snakes and other creatures – a veritable pocket safari without leaving the metropolis!

5 wild activities in Johannesburg
A kind of Disney for art buffs

10 open-air museums around the world
BONUS: you can try several ingredients from the region on LATAM flights :)

Restaurants and markets to try the foods of northeastern Brazil