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From CBC Manitoba: Here's how a surveillance device can be used to access cellphone data.

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Looking for a way to keep fit in the winter? Why not snowshoe?

Edmonton AM’s outdoor fitness guru Chris Tse joins host Mark Connolly to share his best tips and pep talks, tomorrow at 8:20 a.m. - 740 AM/93.9 FM.
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Did you know Canadians currently don't pay tax on Netflix?

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Noticed a lot of slush on the roads from chinooks? Here's some tips on navigating them.
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Arlene Dickinson says Kevin O'Leary lacks the compassion, empathy and understanding to lead.

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"Justin Trudeau is going to elect Kevin O'Leary by just keep doing what he does," says the newest Tory leadership candidate.

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Dad of the year award?

Read more about how this Red Deer ice castle came to be:
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A hit-and-run collision left Dante Racioppo on life support, his family wants the driver to come forward. [ Cbc.ca Link ]
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A fish and chips restaurant was barred from opening in downtown Vancouver last year because the building’s strata deemed the name Moby Dick offensive, according to a lawsuit challenging the decision: [ Ctv.news Link ]
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In the fourth installment of Global News' Breaking Barriers series, a 17-year-old boy with autism proves he can achieve great things. As Angie Seth reports, not only is he a go-cart champion, but he may be the first in North America to get his race car licence.
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Global Toronto
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Kevin O’Leary’s ‘Trumpisms’ continue despite the claim he’s not anything like the incoming U.S. president. Alan Carter has more.
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Tour behind-the-scenes on the set of #Vikings with Bringer of the Rain Josh Donaldson!
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Le manque d'opportunisme du Canadien est au centre de l'analyse de Pierre Houde et Marc Denis après la défaite contre les Penguins.
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Carey Price a accordé 20 buts lors de ses cinq derniers matchs.
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Vine was officially shut down today #RIP
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Rock 101
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