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Did you know Taylor Swift is a godmother? Here are more surprising celebrity godparents: [ Link ]
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Humans weren't the only beings lost in the fog today. Three moose scurried across the highway on Lisa Watson's way home to Wabasca-Desmarais.

More on the fog that descended today:
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"I don't say retard."

How an Alberta student campaign is tackling hurtful slurs:
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Minerva Boran from Nova Scotia is 101 years young and still loves to cut a rug.

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Une soirée très occupée pour les deux gardiens!
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer attacked media reporting of the size of the crowd at Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday, claiming it was the largest ever.
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On Sat. Jan. 21, hundreds of thousands of people gathered across the US and world to protest for the protection of women’s rights and to demonstrate against U.S. President Donald Trump.

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Smoke grenades fill the air during protest of Trump's inauguration: [ Link ]

(Credit: Twitter/ATrifleManic)
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Earthquake tremors shake products off the shelves in a shop in Pizzoli, Italy: [ Link ]

(Credit: Giorgio Calvisi)
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Madonna had a few choice words for critics of the Women's March on Washington earlier today:
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Thousands of people joined together in Vancouver for the city's #WomensMarch. Here's a timelapse of the crowd moving from Jack Poole Plaza.
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I swear my husband talks to me the exact same way LOL
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This museum collects and preserves thousands of species of birds and animals.
Not for public display, but for research.
Pascal Robidas se confie sur son expérience avec l'équipe de Deuxième chance.
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EN DIRECT | Au Centre Bell en compagnie du petit Simon, 7 ans, le patineur Banque Scotia du match Canadiens-Sabres!
Deux équipes aux antipodes...

Les Canadiens de Montréal contre les Sabres, c'est maintenant sur TVA Sports!

Suivez les développements du match ici: [ Link ]
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