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That sold-out Brett Kissel show was INSANE!!

Anyone make the trip down for the show?!

#IceSnow30BelowTour #KickItWithKissel #iHeartRadioCa
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Super! Est-ce que ça vous fait plaisir autant que nous?
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En plus de tous ses projets Ă  la tĂ©lĂ©, RĂ©mi-Pierre Paquin s’apprĂȘte Ă  ouvrir un 2e bar. Il n’a pas mis une croix sur l’idĂ©e d’avoir des enfants, mais pas Ă  n’importe quel prix. «Je dois d’abord rencontrer la mĂšre de ces futurs enfants. Au-delĂ  de vouloir des enfants, je veux surtout trouver une partenaire de vie avec qui je me sens bien et de qui je suis amoureux. Si je rencontrais une femme...
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Hannah Witherbee: I just started needing them this year and this is by far the worst part

We're on the iHeartRadio Canada app, btw
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Every. Single. Episode.
And best news announced today (if you're as obsessed with the show as I am), "This Is Us" has officially been renewed for seasons 2 and 3. ~Connie B
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Here's your 7-day forecast Calgary.I'll update it live at 11:00 on Global Calgary. #yyc
Global Calgary
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Today's highs in Calgary and area. Similar tomorrow but then we'll trend to cooler temps. Full forecast at 5:19 #yyc
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That smile says it all!

A Mini Oilers fan was gifted a Connor McDavid jersey from two strangers last Oilers game (Jan 16th). Maybe the positive vibes helped out with the OT WIN tonight! ;)
- Pam Kirby On-Air -
#notallheroswearcapes #startthemyoung #yeg #1003thebear #pamkirby
Picture from Twitter User @ryan7679
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Awkward shopping trips??? Furniture? Sex Shop? Jock (cup to protect your junk in sports) shopping? That seems like it could get weird having another dude assessing your package. lol

Mattress testing! Gotta get up on the bed and roll around. Just to make sure it's comfy in every position ;) BRA SHOPPINGis up there as well! The sales lady always gets so "handsy" grabbing where ever she wants...
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(Coup de gĂ©nie/coup de maĂźtre) Cette semaine, Maxime Roberge a rencontrĂ© Émilien Trottier, Ă©tudiant en secondaire 2 au SĂ©minaire Saint-Joseph de Trois-RiviĂšres. Son enseignant, David Marchand, dit d'Émilien qu'il est impliquĂ© Ă  100% dans sa rĂ©ussite et qu'il se surpasse dans chacune de ses matiĂšres pĂ©dagogiques et du cĂŽtĂ© sportif. Émilien est un jeune homme enjouĂ©, curieux et qui s'intĂ©resse Ă ...
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RICHIE: Nobody likes a bed hog! ...except for maybe this one.
If you love all things Close To My Heart...you'll love The Price of Paper's Facebook page!Lots of great inspiration to be found!

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Drives all of Canada nuts.
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Carey Price et le Canadien parviendront-ils Ă  freiner les Penguins? [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Tim Raines est au Temple de la renommée du baseball! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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This is just who I am.

Day or night, rain or shine, I'm always ready for bed.

LISTEN LIVE: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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This is Margot Elise Robbie on the set of the upcoming Tonya Harding biopic where she has completely changed her look to play the former figure skater.

The movie will cover the events that led up to the attack of Harding's figure skating rival Nancy Kerrigan.

If you're unfamiliar with the Tonya Harding/ Nancy Kerrigan story, follow this link: [ Ow.ly Link ]

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Cara Szymanski grew up a HUGE fan of Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' , a fact that didn't go unnoticed by her boyfriend Joel Lynch; so when it came down to proposing to her, he knew what he wanted to do: he sewed a Belle dress for her to wear.

He wrote in an Imgur post:

" This is Cara, my best friend and partner in crime. She grew up admiring Belle from Beauty and the Beast....
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KiSS 92.5
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