Colette Baron-Reid
01/21/2017 at 17:36. Facebook
Today know that life is in a process of change and evolution. This is needed as a potent call to move beyond stagnancy. Be present be brave and know that divine order is being called into form. You are a powerful magical co- creator !
Colette Baron-Reid
01/21/2017 at 10:40. Facebook
Tag someone you love! #ColetteBaronReid
Babbzy At Large
01/21/2017 at 14:51. Facebook
Craig Ramsay
01/21/2017 at 17:36. Facebook
Annie Villeneuve
01/21/2017 at 15:28. Facebook
Annie Villeneuve
01/21/2017 at 15:04. Facebook
Belle soirée toute en #country hier au très renomé Grandole Opry de Nashville. Chaque semaine, on peut voir et entendre plusieurs artistes aux talents variés qui se succèdent en offrant 2 ou 3 chansons. J'ai donc vu Josh Turner hier, ainsi que Maggie Rose. Tout ça assise sur un banc d'église entourée de plusieurs chemises à carreaux! #mémorable
Wow! I'm On A Big Poster At The NAMM Show In Anaheim! So Happy! SONOR DRUMS
Camilla d'Errico
01/21/2017 at 17:29. Facebook
Will anyone be at the Creativation show today? I’ll be at the Baker & Taylor booth #1425 doing a live painting demo later today! ✨You’ll be able to catch me from 1:45pm to 2:30pm painting “Eyes” from an excerpt in my PopPainting book. If you can’t make it today, I’ll also be doing a demo tomorrow and another on Monday! Each oneis different, so you can stop by all three days and come visit me...
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Sabrina Goodman
01/21/2017 at 13:40. Facebook
Holly Wolf
01/21/2017 at 16:16. Facebook
Holly Wolf
01/21/2017 at 13:44. Facebook
Good morning babes!!! Guess what? I'll be at AKibA KiSSA tomorrow doing a epic sexy photoshoot... and a meet and greet!! Wanna take a selfie and hang out? Chat about your fav anime? Let's do it!!

I'll be there around 6pm, come hang out!! It's gonna be so much fun!!!!

Anyone in the Toronto area this is super easy to get to!!!!!
Robin Sharma
01/21/2017 at 16:19. Facebook
Robin Sharma
01/21/2017 at 15:32. Facebook
Today's a big day for me: I'm releasing my first adventure video in a year. This new one will take you through Rome to straight inside Nelson Mandela's prison cell [rare footage]. You'll learn potent lessons to unleash the hero within you in 2017. And take a trip with me you'll never forget. ‎Watch it here: [ Link ]

Love + respect. Robin
Robin Sharma
01/21/2017 at 12:57. Facebook
Put in the training. Get the reward. Less talk. More do.
Robin Sharma
01/21/2017 at 11:31. Facebook
Get up early.
Show up fully.
Serve massively.
Make history.
Sum 41
01/21/2017 at 13:40. Facebook
Thanks Lisbon for the packed and insane show last night! It was nice to come see U all the way at the back.
Shay Mitchell
01/21/2017 at 13:01. Facebook
Having an amazing time! Can you guess where I am?
Bryan Adams
01/21/2017 at 11:57. Facebook
Tommy Chong
01/21/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Her son wasn't responding to her messages, so Mom decided to do THIS to get his attention

Son goes to college and never calls, so Mom posts video on Facebook and it's going viral
Tommy Chong
01/21/2017 at 15:30. Facebook