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We are going live on Facebook at 12pm tomorrow at the new UFC Gym opening! Tune in to watch Paige VanZant get in the ring.
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Do you believe? Out and about at Pitt Lake.

Photo by: Colton Dunderdale [ Link ]
❤ The snow adds a touch of magic to the brightly painted row houses of St. John’s – one more reason so make a trip to Newfoundland and Labrador this season!
Colours thanks to Nathan Eddy Photography.
@Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism
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Catch all the best moments of the week from the Roz & Mocha show tomorrow morning at 10 w/ #RozAndMochaReloaded which kicks off with a special mix from DJ Clymaxxx!

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Washington, D.C. had two very different looks Friday night.

Donald J. Trump and his supporters donned tuxedos and gowns at inaugural balls. On the streets, tensions flared between anti-Trump protesters and police.

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La UNE de votre Journal de MONTRÉAL, édition du 21 Janvier 2017.
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WOW! <3
Veux-Tu Rire?
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Veux-Tu Rire?
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"I’m here to protect you,” he said when I rolled down the window. This is Will, he patrols the highways. He noticed me on the side with a flat tire. Will used to be a hair dresser, raised his 2 boys himself. Did jail time for 16 armed robberies. (Yep, 16.) Sued The Crown for being sexually abused (with 800 other boys) in Air Cadettes. (He has spoken publicly to the media, so I’m free to...
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Obsession is essential to creativity. This #Truthbomb (and many more) is part of the 2017 #DesireMap Weekly Planner.

This limited edition cover art was created by the deeply talented @MartaSpendowska. And it’s only available for 2017.

Plan your day. Infuse it with Love. Repeat: [ Link ]
La composition probable du PSG pour affronter Nantes à 17h heure française
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Fairy dress <3

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Kids room :)

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indoor | outdoor [ dream ] library

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Henrik Sedin scores to earn his 1,000th career NHL point!
Toronto Raptors
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Holly MacKenzie recaps a game in which not much went right for the Raps.

Game Rap:
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Radulov gets three assists in the win in New Jersey!