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This girl takes makeup to a whole new level!

This Makeup Artist's Work Is Beyond Impressive
le Choix du Président
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Rien de mieux qu’un bon verre de lait froid et des biscuits au beurre d’arachide pour célébrer la Journée Nationale du #BeurreDarachide

Vous craquerez pour ces biscuits!
Greenpeace Québec
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Ford Québec
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Ford met en vedette deux véhicules très différents au Salon International de l'Auto de Montréal/Montreal International Auto Show. La suite via Auto123 :

Ford présente deux « camions » très différents à Montréal | Actualités automobile | Auto123
Does the colder weather have you reaching for more carbs and fat? Try these two healthier versions of your old favourites:

Weather the dead of winter with healthy eating
Grévin Montréal
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Denis Villeneuve en nomination aux Oscars!

Quelle belle nouvelle!

Oscars: Denis Villeneuve en lice comme meilleur réalisateur | Oscars
Some ideas to help you explore and enjoy the diverse landscapes Canada has to offer.

Winter and chill
Aren't Tuesdays great? This week we're looking at content strategies for SMBs, advanced Facebook strategies and so much more. Let's go!

This Week In Internet Marketing 2017 01 24 - TechWyse 'Rise to the Top' Blog
We can't agree with this article more! Online Marketing is such an essential part of any small business!

How Small Businesses Are Cracking the Online Marketing Code
CBC Aboriginal
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"But if you speak Inuktitut, then you're gonna have to talk to someone in English because there's no translator."

CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

Lack of police services in the north a concern for MMIW families
91.7 The Bounce
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Guess who got their first major hosting gig!!!

Steven Colbert will be hosting the 2017 Emmy's!

Listen Live: [ Link ] -P&D

Stephen Colbert Will Host 2017 Emmy's
91.7 The Bounce
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We're talking about the things you'd THINK you could do now that your an adult, but your ____ years old and still can't!

Take a listen to some of the hilarious examples we've already gotten! And feel free to share yours!!

Listen Live: [ Link ] -P&D

"ADULTing" is hard...
91.7 The Bounce
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Oscar nominations are out!! We'll be updating the list throughout the morning for you!

Listen Live: [ Link ] -P&D

2017 Oscar Nominations
Number 52: Michael Gray. He of the 'Immaculate Interception' in the 1988 Grey Cup.

Blue By The Numbers | [ Link ]

Blue By The Numbers | Number 52
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Il y a 427 patineurs dans la LNH qui n'ont pas encore marqué quatre buts cette saison. Patrick Marleau en a marqué quatre en peu plus de 13 minutes, lundi.

L'attaquant des Sharks est le premier joueur à réussir un quadruplé dans une seule période depuis Mario Lemieux en janvier 1997.

Quatre buts pour Marleau
Reader's Digest Canada
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As the Oscar nominations are revealed this morning, try our quiz and find out how much you know about the biggest awards show of the year!

And the Winner Is: The Reader's Digest Oscar Quiz