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"Is it OK to punch to a Nazi?"
Anna Magnani's response in Rome, Open City (1945):
War Hogs
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Soldier promoted.
Rock 101
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this is worth a replay for a monday smile.

Listen live: [ Rock101.com Link ]
Greenpeace Québec
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Bon lundi :)
Ça regarde mal... ;)
Virgin Radio Calgary
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Walking into work on Monday after the #WomensMarch like...
War Hogs
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War Hogs
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Winnipeg Jets
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Here is today’s starting lineup presented by Red River Mutual and One Insurance.

Pavelec in goal.
Enstrom-Trouba on the blue line.
Perreault-Little-Wheeler up front.
Virgin Radio Toronto
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Wooooo!!! House of Cards returns to Netflix May 30/17!!! America actually needs him as President :D :D :D - Dames Nellas
Le trône de fer | Samedi 22 h

Quel est votre moment préféré de la saison 1 ?
La honte : crier comme une fillette devant une araignée en plastique...
Lights, Camera... and always plenty of Action!! Clifton Hill @ Night even in the Fog.
91.7 The Bounce
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When people ask me what I'm doing this weekend...

- Tyler Jordan
Listen Live: [ Thebounce.ca Link ]
106.1 CHEZ
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Thinking about the weekend! (Cosmo)
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"An AIESECer is ... Solution-Oriented."

With young people taking a stand on what they care about and being capable to make it happen - how does AIESEC enable it? Based on the leadership we need in the world - we strive to develop solution-oriented leaders.

Visit [ Aiesec.ca Link ] to learn more!
Anne of Green Gables
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We came across this poem by Onebardmojo ([ Bit.ly Link ] on DeviantArt and we just fell in love with it! Have a read:

Woe was Anne, the poor orphaned lass
Whose only friend was seen in glass;

'Til off to school in Avonlea
With Diana sharing her glee.

A bit of mischief during lunch
Annoyed the teacher quite a bunch.

No matter how she tried to writhe,
She got stuck with old...
View details ⇨
Ce n'est pas tout le monde qui a la pêche dans le sang...
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Une preuve que le travail en équipe n'a pas d'égal! Bon vendredi matin avec le Snooze! [ Bit.ly Link ]