BREAKING: Origin Energy former chief executive Grant King accused of cover-up! Read more: [ Link ]
The Entourage
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Failure is not the enemy...
Wow they cut some tree Branches ??? Deport the African attackers!!!
"Babies are the best scientists and learners that we know of in the universe."
Bill Shorten MP
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Many Australians are taking on adult apprenticeships. Theyโ€™re willing to take the time to learn new skills, change industries, and set up their careers. The Government should be supporting apprenticeships and local jobs rather than cutting training programs and making it easier to fly in workers on 457 visas.
Sneak peak of what Lloyd Cole is bringing to the Nexus Arts Gallery tomorrow night at 6pm. It's also FREE entry, we hope to see you there! Find out more: [ Link ]
1 Million Women
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Bike riding is a great alternative to taking the car. This new spray could help make riding at night a little safer (and let you look like a disco ball at the same time!)
1 Million Women
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Snuggle Coats is one of the most imaginative and rewarding ways to upcycle old and unwanted clothing. This Australian organisation has found a way to return old fur coats back to the animals.
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What's the big deal about Australia Day / January 26th?
Australia's economic future depends on bigger opportunities and bigger markets for what we produce. By getting on the protectionist bandwagon, Bill Shorten is at odds with 40 years of Labor leaders who knew that free trade is good for Australian jobs.
Mr Shorten can run around in as many fluro vests as he likes - he is a walking, talking threat to Australian jobs.
QPS INVESTIGATION UPDATE - Can you help police solve the suspected 1986 murder of Wayne Youngkin? His remains were found in a backyard septic tank at Brighton last year. Detectives have released new information as they appeal for public assistance.
Victoria Police
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Recent graduate Constable Shona is the third generation of the Manniche family to join Victoria Police. This is her story.
Bayswater LPT make it #TougherForCrooks today....

Just after 4pm in Embelton a white sedan evaded police.

It will be alleged as the driver has tried to flee from police he has collided with a curb and continued driving causing the front drivers side tyre to come off.

The damage caused the vehicle to come to a stop in Evans Street, Bayswater.

A 21 year old male from Noranda was taken...
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CFA Pride encourages LGBTI members to buddy up and โ€˜Bring a STR8 M8โ€™ (bring a straight mate) to the annual Midsumma Festival Pride March this weekend.
CFA CEO Frances Diver and Chief Officer Steve Warrington will join their CFA colleagues and other emergency services to march in solidarity.
Are you taking IELTS on 11 February? Look over our test day information so you have everything you need on your test day. We are with you.
Are you taking IELTS on 18 February? Make sure you are really familiar with the IELTS test format so you can organise your test time and do your best!