WE'RE HIRING! Do you know anyone who is a Canva rockstar?
It's HOT! Please remember your pets! [ Rspcaqld.org.au Link ]
"The Turnbull Government threatening to ban citizen ceremonies in Fremantle because they do not agree with the City of Fremantle kick-starting an important conversation about cultural inclusivity is inappropriate, bullying and sets a dangerous precedent." - Senator Rachel Siewert
"I hope that the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations that Labor and Liberal have received from these corporations will not prevent them getting on board and supporting the bill." - Adam Bandt
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Road closure information.
Please check with and Local Councils periodically as closures may change due to further flood impacts.
This week is Queensland Ambulance Week! Check out what's happening in your local area and join in on the celebrations
Share your views on local policing and Eyewatch by participating in this short survey from researchers at the University of New South Wales.

The survey can be accessed by clicking on this link – Project Eyewatch survey link

The UNSW Human Research Ethics Advisory Panel has granted ethics approval for this research project – reference HC15663
NSW Labor
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"Those who are asked to work longer hours, or unsociable hours on weekends and public holidays, should be paid a premium for giving up their evenings and family time to provide services to others in our community."

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley in his letter to the Fair Work Commission.
Hundreds of years of combined life experiences, a mixture of personalities, ten questions, washed down with multiple cups of tea.

To celebrate Seniors Week (13-21 Aug) we put some of our exceptional volunteers in the hot seat.

Rural #firefighters, #SES members, scientific operators and community educators, these mums, dads and grandparents will welcome you into their lives and prove age is...
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With so many wonderful, new supporters - 810,000 animal lovers all on one page, we thought we should re-post our protocols for posting on our page.

There have been some posts crop up lately that resulted in people posts or their account being removed from our page. Obviously we do not enjoy doing so.

Please have a read, and keep on loving those furkids.

-The Pets Haven team xxoo
"Australia is a rich and diverse country - that we have so many different people and cultures living together enriches us all. But if the last few months have shown us one thing, it is that we must not be complacent.

There are people with big megaphones in our country who make money and get attention by spreading lies and hatred, and feeding on the fears of others. It is our responsibility...
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