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Truth never sleeps. Rowan Atkinson stars in Maigret's Dead Man. A feature length event, Sunday February 26 on BBC First.
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A tireless advocate for asylum seekers and refugees, Paris Aristotle has made a huge contribution by helping people adjust to life in Australia.

Congratulations Paris on being named Victoria's Australian of the Year - and fingers crossed for the national Australian of the Year Awards tomorrow night
Daily Mail Australia
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Star 104.5
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Double demerits are in force Wednesday 25 January to Sunday 29 January inclusive.
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Kerby Brown of Brown Brothers, doing what he does best.
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The World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network is the new world of media, from some of the world's oldest storytellers. Learn all about it on Awaken tonight 9pm.
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In 1973, Dr John Knight and his late wife Noreen established the Medi-Aid Centre Foundation to help elderly people access affordable accommodation.

Now at 89, he's battled through heartbreak, personal and financial loss and cancer, but he’s kept buying property for Medi-Aid and now has almost 1,000 investments that are rented out for next to nothing.

Thank you for your wonderful work Dr...
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From Four Corners: When acclaimed TV journalist Liz Jackson is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, crippling her with pain & panic attacks, she turns the lens on herself to make the most challenging story of her life.
Brisbane Times
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Movie stunts can be dangerous and even sometimes fatal, and some high-profile films have had fatalities on set.
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Still relevant... #BBL06 #SuperCoachBBL
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Delly was red hot earlier today.
Sporting News Australia
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Patty Mills is the man of the moment.
Guardian Australia
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Trump will not publish his tax returns, breaking a 40-year tradition of showing Americans the extent of the president's financial interests and obligations.
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Cyber Security: "Threats to the integrity of our political system are a matter of concern for every Australian" - Malcolm Turnbull.

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A five-year-old girl from Quakers Hill has died from a suspected methadone overdose.

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"Where I live now in Byron Bay is unlike anywhere in the world" - Chris Hemsworth.

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Sydney Weather: 37C at 11am today. Cooler tomorrow - Cloudy.

Becoming hot again on the weekend.

More – Sydney 7 Day weather forecast [ Link ]

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**UPDATE** Police say the 26-year-old man was arrested at a house on Fifth Avenue Weston. Charged with intentionally cause fire and be reckless as to its spread.
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Pool Safety: "You've got a loaded gun in your backyard" - Laurie Lawrence.

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