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Barack Obama was still peddling hope in his final press conference, saying: “I believe in the American people. I believe that people are more good than bad ... At my core, I think we’re going to be OK. We just have to fight for it, we have to work for it and not take it for granted."

Barack Obama's final press conference pep talk: 'I think we're going to be OK'
A desire to dedicate more time to his wife and children, as well as elderly parents and unwell sister, emerged as the overwhelming driver in Mike Baird's decision to stand down as premier of NSW.

Mike Baird cites family members’ ill health as reason for sudden resignation
Dozens of #AustraliaDay billboards with the girls in hijabs will now appear all over the country, along with full page ads in newspapers, thanks to thousands of Australians who have so far given more than $130,000 to the #PutThemBackUp crowdfunding campaign.

Australia Day billboards with girls in hijabs to appear nationwide after campaign raises $130,000
It's not easy to measure the impact of Barack Obama's presidency. But here are seven numbers that illustrate what he did – for better and for worse.
“We’re positioning Victoria as a leader in climate change, by reducing emissions and adapting to the impacts.”

Melbourne trams to be solar-powered under Andrews government proposal
"I'm a bad guy": we saw all facets of Nick Kyrgios last night, writes Russell Jackson, more sympathetic than most. It is, after all, just a game.

Nick Kyrgios shows his many sides to explain defeat in Australian Open
Europe's standing in the world would not have been possible if it weren't for barbaric colonialism, violence and enslavement, says professor Kehinde Andrews. The myth of Europe as an enlightening force across the globe helps us to sleep at night, he argues, but is ultimately based on racism. It's time we faced that.
Centrelink’s compliance teams are being told not to correct errors with its flawed debt recovery program, allowing the “unjust system” to generate millions of dollars in bogus debts, a new whistleblower has alleged. The whistleblower details a litany of errors with the new automated compliance system and speaks of the despair felt by Centrelink’s compliance officers as vulnerable Australians...
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Centrelink staff told not to fix mistakes in debt notices – whistleblower
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning will be released from military prison in May after her sentence for leaking classified information was commuted by the outgoing US president Barack Obama. As an intelligence analyst in Iraq, Manning leaked hundreds of thousands of documents via the anti-secrecy organisation WikiLeaks.
PJ Harvey kicked off her Australian tour in Perth this week with an alluring, magnetic performance to a transfixed crowd.

PJ Harvey review – an untamed talent impresses with another powerful set
More than half of the world’s apes, monkeys, lemurs and lorises are now threatened with extinction as agriculture and industrial activities destroy forest habitats and the animals’ populations are hit by hunting and trade.

Over half of world's wild primate species face extinction, report reveals
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Exclusive: Labor MPs have met with the ABC boss Michelle Guthrie to plead the case for maintaining the ABC's shortwave radio service for outback and offshore areas, but to no avail. Country Liberal Nigel Scullion adds his own voice, “There is still time for the Sydney-based city-centric ABC to reverse this decision that was made without proper regard for the impact on remote Territorians.”

ABC unmoved by pleas to save shortwave radio service for remote areas
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Vegemite is Australian-owned once again! Bega Cheese bought back our iconic spread, and other well-known brands, for $460m. Who's a happy little Vegemite?

Vegemite Australian-owned again after Bega Cheese buys it for $460m
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A second Liberal senator has criticised Centrelink’s debt recovery system, telling the minister nobody wants "another talkfest by politicians, we just need to get the problems fixed", urgently.

Second Liberal senator attacks Centrelink debt retrieval and demands solution
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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says: “We present this assessment for the benefit of the American people,” in the face of threats from Donald Trump's team to strip away funding for “politically correct environmental monitoring”.

2016 hottest year ever recorded – and scientists say human activity to blame
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#BREAKING: NSW premier Mike Baird is retiring from politics. His shock announcement has surprised senior colleagues.

New South Wales premier Mike Baird announces retirement