How to make an entrance.
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Jesse’s a dangerous girl. Nicolas Winding Refn's #TheNeonDemon is available to own on on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital.
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Looking for a dedicated area to showcase your artistic flair?

We're searching for illustrators, artists, animators and cosplayers to join our Creators Zone at Madman Anime Festival Perth 2017!
Mojitos all round! Havana Club is bringing a taste of Cuba to Laneway this year! Sip on authentic Cuban cocktails and get down to the best beats this #Laneway2017.

#HavanaClub #Havanagoodtime
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DESTRUCTO turns up with not 1 but 2 West Coast rappers.
Brand new single coming soon! #AllNite
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Keen to pick up a new anime film? Here are 50 awesome flicks from our Mega Clearance Sale! ~ [ Link ]
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When you realise there's still 5 days left of the Madman Mega Films Clearance. [ Link ]
when you realise you forgot your headphones..
Weekend plans?
Shimmy on into the weekend in style - get down to Event Cinemas George St Gold Class to win a Sydney Dance Company pass!
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We’re looking for a friendly Customer Service Manager who can keep their cool in any situation! Is it you? :D
Happy Anniversary to Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Released in cinemas 90 years ago.
After losing the Golden Globes to Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds found comfort in the lips of Andrew Garfield. Check the top left!
#SummerAnthems - out this Friday!! β˜€β›±

Pre-order: [ Link ]
When you and your friends realise you haven't stuck to any of your new years resolutions.
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Because he's the hero we all deserve!
#MerylStreep walking off stage after her #GoldenGlobes acceptance speech.
When someone asks you how many times you can ride The Claw in a day
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VICE Special Report: A House Divided - Wednesday 8.30pm only on showcase.
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Wolf Children <3