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Pic Of The Day: Evening Standard reader captures the sunrise over the Thames

(Credit: Twitter/Credit: @hannahkokoschka)
Human-animal hybrid portrait by Flora Borsi
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Haha, who agrees? x
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No, but it really is.
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Blasting the Rocky theme across the office at 6pm is just one of many unusual ways Japanese companies are using to encourage workaholic employees to leave on time. Read more: [ Link ]
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MCN Reader First Bike: Phil Treadgold bought his first bike - a Sukuzi AP50 - from his cousin. 'I was 15 and saved my paper round money.'

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WSB: Rea doubles up for win number 40 - [ Link ]
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Carey Price has moved past Ken Dryden for 3rd on the Canadiens all-time regular season wins list with his 259th.
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Nhân từ và yêu thương sẽ giúp cuộc sống của chính bạn tích cực hơn
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A German driver has been shot by police and remains in intensive care, after he drove his car into pedestrians in Heidelberg. One pensioner was killed in the incident.

Story: [ Link ]

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7 News Sydney
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The Canberra Raiders expect the NRL to rubber stamp Dave Taylor's one year contract within days.

More - Latest NRL news [ Link ]

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Police have made a dramatic arrest in Adelaide after a man was seen brandishing a metre-long sword.

Story: [ Link ]

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Per shqiptaret e Britanise
Rezervoni vendet tuaja
Na kontaktoni 07737 518194
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