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This woman used Christmas lights to send a message to her homophobic neighbor
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This woman's son taught her a beautiful lesson about self-acceptance
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We've saved the best for last. RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER is in theatres Friday - check for tickets and showtimes: [ Link ]
Avec la vague d'attentats en Europe et la montée de la violence des cartels au Mexique, de nombreux voyageurs sont craintifs et l'impact se fait sentir dans les agences de voyage.
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Bonne nouvelle! Martin Matte annonce qu'il sera en spectacle bientôt! Détails au
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Can you guess what's going to happen with Paige and David? See if this backstage video has any clues
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Destruction & mayhem hit the streets of Angel Grove – Find out what's happening in the new issue of 'The Roar' at | #PowerRangersMovie
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I prank called a guy who was fired from McDonald's for groping a 16 year old female coworker, and his reaction was EPIC!
There's more craziness to hear in the full video! (linked in top comment)
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Arthur Vines
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I don't trust my friends lol