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How we look when we find out you haven't seen the newest #LHHNY yet...

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#Emison forever!

65 of 150 // Season 3, Episode 18. #PLLMemoryLane
Khi cash shop gặp cổ phổ :v

Cửu Âm Chân Kinh - Thế Giới Kiếm Hiệp Chân Thực
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Nam mô a di đà phật mấy thằng trộm
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When your living room reflects your life.
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Tag your friend who’d be there with you!
(Full Metal Alchemist)
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Squad goals.
(One Piece)
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(Yuri on Ice)
Black Ink Crew
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Sr Gato
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When your house has a Power cut :(
Apps Grill
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Tag a mate who is this much insane
Truy Kích
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Ai xem đến đoạn cuối mà không cười gọi là THÁNH luôn
We Are Human Angels
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"My destiny has not been written yet,
I do not resign myself to my fears.
I dare to live my dreams,
I dare to be great."
[my mantra for today]

From "365 Mantras for Today"
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�< French goo.gl/qvOvIr�
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< Greek goo.gl/cwmNRk
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Waking up early on a Sunday.
Catch up on Portlandia: ifc.com/watch-now
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Getting APUS for your smart phone and make it the most happiest smart phone in the world! #APUS #thePerfectFriends #Smartphone
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